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you get nothing you have to have three different plants to get a moshling

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What do you do to get a moshling?

On the website moshi monsters, you would plant seeds.plant these seeds to get Coolio:Any star blossomBlack loveberriesPurple snap apple

What seeds do you need to get cupcake on moshi monsters?

To get Coolio[cupcake] plant these: star blossom[any] + love berries[black] + snap apple[pink]

How do you get hansel off Moshi Monsters?

to get hansel on moshi monsters you need to plant the seeds : Any dragon fruit, Black magic beans and a black moon orchid

How do you get duspin beaver on Moshi Monsters?

to get duspin beaver on moshi monsters you simply plant magic beans red love berries pink and snap apple any

What is the plant code to get mcnutly on moshi monsters?

any Snap Apple, any Snap Apple, Purple Star Blossom

What is daisy on Moshi Monsters?

a daisy is a seed that you plant in moshi monsters to get moshlings. you have to be a moshi member to get it.

Which plant do you have to buy to plant hansle on moshi monsters?

Black Moon Orchid, Black Magic Bean and ANY Dragon Fruit !

What seeds do you plant to get Coolio the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

To attract Coolio, you will need any Star Blossom, Black Love Berries and a Pink Snap Apple. You need to be a paid Moshi Member to attract Coolio.

How do you get librety on moshi monsters?

just plant a black a blue and a red love berry

How do you get a pookie in moshi monsters?

you have to plant: Black magic, yellow magic, blue magic.

What seeds do you plant to get Scamp the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

You have to be a paid Moshi Member to attract Scamp. 084 *Scamp the Froggie Doggie [Puppy] Black Snap Apple, Pink Dragon Fruit, Blue Moon Orchid

How do you buy a black moon orchid on moshi monsters?

You can not buy specific flower colors on Moshi Monsters. You just buy a moon orchid seed, plant it, and see what color you get! If you do not get a black moon orchid, you dig that plant up and plant another moon orchid seed.

How do you get the Jeepers in moshi monsters?

To get Jeepers, plant: Any Love, Red Crazy Daisy, Blue Snap Apple. You must be a Moshi Member to buy Crazy Daisy and Snap Apple seeds.

Can you get apple plant if you are a free player on Moshi Monsters?

No, you can only buy these seeds at the Port which is a members only area. To find out more about membership click the Membership link at the top of the Moshi Monsters website.

What is a black daisy on moshi monsters?

you need to be a member to get one, its a plant you need to get the moshling IGGY

What 3 moons do you plant 2 get doris moshi monsters?

You have to have 1 black moon orchid

How you get hansel on moshi monsters?

To get Hansel, you have to plant Any Dragon Fruit, Black Magic Beans, and a Black Moon Orchid.

How do you change the color of a plant n moshi monsters?

well after you choose the colour of a plant in moshi monsters i dont think you can change it back

What seeds do you plant to get Burnie the moshling on moshi monsters?

078 *Burnie the Fiery Frazzledragon [Beastie] Red Snap Apple, Red Snap Apple, Blue Crazy Daisy You have to be a Moshi Member (paid) to get Burnie.

What plant do you plant to get iggy on moshi monsters?

A black moon orchid,2 purple crazy daisys he is a ultra rare one

What is an apple berry on moshi monsters?

a apple berry the real name being snap apple is a berry that you can get from the port to plant and get moshlings with hope this help! also please add me lily140300

Can you plant moshlings in plants on moshi monsters?

No, you can not plant Moshlings in plants on Moshi Monsters. You plant seeds and, if you have the correct seed combination, the plants that grow will attract a Moshling.

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