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If it is added to a solution of dilute sulfuric acid, it will react slowly liberating hydrogen gas. With concentrated acid, iron will undergo a series of red-ox reactions.

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Q: What do you get when you add iron fillings to sulfuric acid?
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What product is formed when you add zinc to sulfuric acid?

If you add zinc to sulfuric acid, you will get hydrogen gas as a product.

What element is too dangerous to add to dilute sulfuric acid?

Hydrogen is an element that is too dangerous to add to dilute sulfuric acid.

How do you neutralise sulfuric acid?

add sodium bicarbonate...........

What gas do you get when you add sulfuric acid to magnesium?


How do you dissolve Cerium oxide?

add sulfuric acid

How do you get 100 percent sulfuric Acid from 98 percent sulfuric acid?

Add more SO3 gas till saturation.

What happens when you add sulfuric acid to water?

when mixed sulfuric acid with water in the presence of oxygen nothing happens but the acid turned from concentrated acid will turn into diluted acid.

How do you make a 0.1N Sulfuric acid solution from concentrated sufuric acid solution?

Add slowly to 1020 mL of water 3.0 mL of conc sulfuric acid. This will give you 0.1 N Sulfuric Acid.

Why do you add sulfuric acid to copper carbonate?

To test an experiment.

What happens when you add sulfuric acid to plants?

It will die , dump

How much ml 10 percent lime milk do you add in sulfuric acid to get pH 4?

You need to add a bit of lime milk to get sulfuric acid to pH 4.

Can a car take any kind of battery acid?

It is unusual to add battery acid to a car. Cars (not hybrids) normally use lead acid batteries and the acid is sulfuric acid, however you don't add sulfuric acid. When the fluid in a cell is low you add distilled water. Only the water has evaporated, the acid has not.

What happens when you add iron fillings to electric field?

nothing. iron is affected by a magnetic field, not an electric field.

What color change is there when you add black copper oxide to sulfuric acid?

When you add black copper oxide to sulfuric acid, the solution turns blue because copper sulfate was formed and it is a colored compound.

What is for 2N sulfuric acid?

2N is 2 normal; add 56,11 mL sulfuric acid 98 % to 250 mL deionized water. Mix and add water up to 1 000 mL.

How do you prepare 1M sulfuric acid?

Add one mole of sulphiric acid to one liter of water.

What do you add to sulpuric acid to get iron sulphate?

Iron or steel

How to neutralize sulfuric acid spills in a lake?

Add a base to the spill in the lake

How do you Manufacture Silver Sulfate?

Add sulfuric acid to a solution of silver nitrate.

What is the atomic number for sulfuric acid?

Sulfuric acid itself does not have an atomic number as it is not an element. Sulfuric acid is a compound that is comprised of two atoms of hydrogen, 1 sulfur and 4 oxygens. To determine the "atomic mass" of sulfuric acid, just add up the atomic masses for each of 7 atoms that it is made of.

Sodium metavanadate in sulfuric acid gives a yellow color what happens when you add zinc granules to it and What is the role of the sulfuric acid in the first place?

gives a green color

What happens if you add benzoic acid to nitric acid with a concentrated sulfuric acid catalyst?

NIitration on the meta- position of benzoic acid will happen.

Do you add straight sulfuric acid to your car battery or is there some other mixture added also?

No, if you have to add fluid to a battery you just add Distilled Water and nothing else. The Electrolyte in a battery is 65% distilled water and 35% sulfuric acid.

The safest way to dilute concentrated sulfuric acid is to add?

the acid to water slowly while stirring constantly

How do you make 25 percent sulfuric acid from 98 percent sulfuric acid?

Take 1 ml of 98% acid and add to 3 ml of water to get 25% acid. Total volume will be 4 ml (in this case). You can scale up this to any volume you need. (always add acid to water and not water to acid)