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You get a mixture of an element and a compound.

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What do you get when you mix an element with a compound?

You get a mixture of an element and a compound.

Is sugar and water an element or compound?

its a compound as they mix together but dont dissolve .

What is the difference between an compound and element?

A compound is a mix of different atoms to make a molecule of that compound, whereas an element is just the same types of atoms. Ex.: Compound: ABABABA Element: AAAAAAAA

Is baking powder a element compound or mixture?

Answerit is actually a mix of a couple compounds.

Is ice cream compound or element?

neither. its a mix of several types of molecules and compounds

Is water and oil an element compound or mixture?

Water and oil do not mix with each other. It is a mixture.

Is bird's nest a mixture a compound or a element?

very much a mix of many many things.

Is trail mix a element a mixture or a compound?

The trail mix is a mixture. I hope it helps. โค

Is gravel a compound a element or a element?

It is compound not an element.

What is an example of a element and a compound mixture?

I would say a mix of powdered silicon and table salt (NaCl).

Is a penny a compound or an element?

Neither - it is an alloy (a mix of two or more elements, but not bonded at the molecular level).

Which of the following is not a compound - sugar or gold?

Gold is an element - sugar is a mix of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Is AgNO3 a compound or a element?

AgNO3 is a compound. Ag is an element, N is an element, and O is an element. Together, they are a compound.

Planet earth a element or compound?

Planet Earth is not an element. It is not made up of just one thing. Earth is a mix of compounds, elements and mixtures.

Is polystyrene an element or compound?

it is a element and a compound

Is trail-mix a element compound homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture?

Trail-mix is a heterogeneous mixture: It contains visually different solid materials.

Why do some chemicals have one name and others have two names?

When you mix two elements it becomes a compound (e.g carbon dioxide = compound, oxygen = element)

Is pancake syrup a element compound or mixture?

Pancake syrup is a compound and a mixture Bc you have to mix the comp to get the mixture I think Iโ€™m sorry I just thinking

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