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Bring her/him to the vet. Maybe it's the quality of the food or maybe she/he ate scraps from the floor or too much treats or food. A good type of dog food i suggest is Origin. Is #1 dog food in the world. Its all natural containing no wheat which is bad for them. It has 70% protein and the meat is in the kibble was caught fresh not frozen with tons of artificial things. All the dog food in groceries stores or petsmart or petco have wheat in them and as little as 21% of protein at the most or less. You can only get origin in dog boutiques. It will be life changing for your dog.

gastorenteritis is a very dangerous condition and can actually cause death in deep chested dogs, i.e. dashchunds, greyhounds are just two off the top of my head. It cause`s what is called bloat! Try not to feed your dog large meals and not from the table. Also don`t "free feed", let them eat what they want for 10 to 15 minutes then put their food bowl up. You can give them, pepto bismol, I had one little doxie and she was always getting sour stomachs, I always called her pepto, when I said that word, and she saw that pink bottle she ran, lol. Also check with your vet, you can also give them tagemet.

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Can you give a dog inhalers?

my dog has chronic honking and coughing. she has colapsed trachea. allergy syrup has helped but it has become chronic. Can you give a dog humans inhaler to open airwaves.

What can I give my dog for chronic coughing?

Nothing - a chronic cough tends to be noninfectious. However, if the coughing is relatively new, is getting worse or the dog is starting to cough and then swallow something, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian for an examination. Causes of chronic coughing can include cancer (particularly in older dogs), chronic infection, sterile bronchitis and anatomic malformations.

How can you make your dog pass a lot of gas fast?

You give them cheese and they will pass gas easier and gives the dog less gas.

Can you give your English bull dog anything for gas?

Low ash dog food.

How can I tell if my dog has a dog food allergy?

Ten percent of dogs have some form of food allergy. Some symptoms are chronic gas, licking their feet, and an itchy rear end. Chronic diarrhea is also a good indication that something is wrong.

What can you give you dog for gas?

If you have a gassy dog, then simply try taking him or her on a walk after it eats. that should do the trick!

What happens when you give a dog laughing gas?

it chokes and dies duuhh

Will too much watermelon rind give a dog gas?

Watermelon, in general, is a natural laxative. If any part of the watermelon is given to a dog, the dog may show signs of gas or even diarrhea.

What can you give a dog for bad gas?

I'm pretty sure what makes a dog fart is when it eats human food, treats ,and new dog food

Is it ok to feed green pepper to your dog?

You shouldn't feed it to your dog. Green pepper, at best, will give your dog gas and possibly an upset stomach.

What foods give dogs gas?

Most green vegetables, or all of them for that matter, give dogs gas. Beans, peanuts, and some meat give them gas, too. Pretty much anything that gives you gas will give your dog gas if you feed it to him. But it's not just the food which might cause flatulence in your dog. The way he eats can cause it also. If he's a fast eater and "wolfs" down his dinner he's gulping down air with it as well which has to come out's a cool site on dog flatulence which you might find of help:

Does turkey give dogs gas?

It may and it may not, it depends on the dog. For more information, contact your local vet and ask him/her if turkey gives your dog gas. If you think it does, try switching the current food to a different food. If the dog does not pass gas anymore, there you go!

Can you give me a sentence for chronic?

The spinal cord injury caused her chronic ongoing pain and discomfort ; a chronic problem for her .

What are Symptoms of a dog food allergy?

Ten percent of all allergy cases in dogs are food allergies. Dogs also can suffer from food intolerance, which is different from a food allergy. Anything from chronic ear inflammation, gastrointestinal problems, and chronic diarrhea to chronic gas, licking their feet, or an itchy rear end.

Is emphysema a gas?

Emphysema is not a gas. It is one of many chronic obstructive lung diseases.

Is it safe for a dog to eat sticks?

NO! it will die from chronic indigestion

Can dogs eat peanutbutter does it give them gas?

Yes, Peanut Butter is safe for dogs to eat. However, as with any food there are dogs that may have an allergy to the Peanut Butter. As for giving a dog gas, ias with some foods whether or not a dog will get gas or become gaseous from eating peanut butter depends on the dog.

Can you give a dog gas x?

This is not a good idea, no. Yes you can and you should have some in case of Bloat, it can buy you time but go directly to the Vet if your dog bloats.

Can you give your dog your amoxicillin?

can i give my dog my amoxicillin

What should you NOT give your dog?

Never give your dog choclate it can kill your dog.

Can i give walnuts to my dog?

no you can not give walnuts to your dog.

Give sentence of word chronic?

I am looking for the same answer but here is one. The dreadful secret of the murder is a chronic mystery.

Can a dog have adenoids?

A dog does have adenoids. When the adenoids in dogs become a problem; such as snoring and chronic throat infections, the adenoids can be removed.

Can you give glucagon to a dog?

Why would you even want to give that to your dog? Do NOT give it to your dog. If you think your dog is ill or possibly has diabetes, take your dog to your Veterinarian for a check up.

Can you give your dog cefuroxime?

you can give a dog cefuroxime but it will kill him

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