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What do you have to do if you are a US citizen in the military and want to get residency for your mother who is a Mexican citizen?


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You must be 21 years old to apply for your parents. Simply fill out application for residency for your mother with the IRS.


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father borm in san francisco but the mother is an mexican citizen and baby born in mexico is the baby an american citizen

Yes, you are Mexican whenever one of your parents is a Mexican citizen. Even if you were born in Antarctica or the middle of the Ocean, if your mother is Mexican, your are Mexican too.

Yes. If their mother or father became a US. citizen then legally if they're under 18 they are a citizen.

Her child is definitely a US citizen which the baby's birth certificate proves it. but the mother cant apply for residency.

Only way is through marriage. Child born in the US is a citizen already. Child can request residency for mother at the age of 21.

You have an automatic American Citizenship as the father is an American citizen. It doesn't matter whether or not you are born on a military base or if your mother isn't a American citizen.

Yes she can. However the wait might be longer than if it was a mother, father, sister, or brother.

Yes, if the mother applies for naturalization, the child gets it too if still a minor.

Yes, the child is entitled to hold citizenship of both Mexico and the US.

Rebecca Black's mother is a natural born Mexican citizen. By Mexican law this makes Rebecca Black a natural born Mexican citizen by descent automatically and also an American citizen owing to her birth place and her father being an American citizen. Effectively Rebecca Black may very well be a dual national if her mother ever registered her at a Mexican consulate abroad. Though even if she wasnt registered this doesnt cut her citizenship rights and just needs to apply to get her legal papers in order. Rebecca Black's race may or may not be mixed as there are also white caucasian Mexicans.

No,she would get neither one. The child would be the one to reap the benefits and be a American Citizen.

If a persons mother is illegal and they are a citizen, the citizen can file for a Visa for the mother. The citizen will need to file papers with the INS for citizenship.

Her father is of Mexican descent and her mother is of Italian descent, but she is an American citizen because she was born in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Obama's mother was a U.S. citizen AND he was born in the U.S., in the State of Hawaii. Constitutionally, it is the fact that he was born on U.S. soil that makes him a U.S. citizen (not that his mother was a U.S. citizen).

President Obama's mother was a U.S. citizen. She was born in Kansas.

Having a US born child and an American military personnel will not favor an illegal mother. She can try to legalize her status at the earliest.

No. He will have to return to his country of origin and apply to be an US citizen like everyone else. The child is an US citizen because he/she was born to a parent who is an US citizen and also because the child was born in the US. Having a child with a US citizen or while in the United States does not give you US citizenship. My advice would be, first, to return to your country of origin because you are here illegally, then marry the mother of your child and then apply for permanent residency.

I am of Mexican descent myself. My mother is a Mexican citizen, my father was American, also of Mexican descent. "Of Mexican descent" or "Mexican" is just fine with me. Generalizations like Hispanic and Latino are not preferred by us unless our nationality is not known. It is however bad form to refer to a Hispanic person as a Mexican if they are not. Guatemalans, Puerto Ricans , Cubans, etc. have their national pride too.

No, his mother was a US citizen, he is a US citizen.

My mother was citizen apply for me have a green card but wondering how long I be able to apply citizen ship

Yes he is fully Mexican. And he mother is half Mexican and half Italian.

She is Mexican. She had a Mexican father and mother.

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