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What you have to do is catch all the Pokemon from all the other regions(complete national dex.

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No, there is not a Pokedex after the National Pokedex in Pokemon Diamond Version.

To get the national dex in diamond, you must see, not catch , all 150 Sinnoh Pokemon.AnswerBy viewing and/or catching all of the Pokemon in Sinohh.

No all you have to do is SEE the first 150 Pokemon then you shall get the national dex..

you have to see all the Pokemon in the pokedeks

You can get it in the underground after the national dex which you get after the Pokemon league

In the sinnoh dex,it is Feebas In the national dex,Omanyte

In the National Dex, #114 is Tangela, the Grass-type Pokemon. In the Regional Dex, #114 (#201 in the National Dex) is Unown, the Psychic-type Pokemon.

it doesnt matter with time. you just have to have seen all the Pokemon in the sinnoh dex

when you get the national dex you unlock the Pokemon

By seeing all of the Pokemon there are in Sinnoh.

find him in the ND(national dex)

Going by the national dex it's Prinplup

No is doesn't only if you complete the national dex

The Pokemon that is number two in the National Pokedex is ivysaur.

In Sinnoh Dex it's unown and in national dex it's tangela.

First see all the Pokemon in The Sinnoh Dex. Then go to Sandgem Town and talk to Professor Rowan. Professor Oak will come and upgrade your Dex to National Dex.

You get the Poke-radar when you get the National Poke-dex. To get the National Dex, you need to see, not obtain, all of the sinnoh regioon pokemon.

You can get the national dex from the professor after you have seen every Pokemon in sinnoh.