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1. Actually, California requires that you have 1600 clocked in hours at a certified Cosmetology school. (the amount of hours differs between states)

2. This take between 10 months - 2 years, depending on your schedule. 3. Upon graduating from Cosmetology school you are then required to go to State Board for a hands on and written test before receiving a license that allows you to practice hair in California.

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How many hours does a hair stylist work?

how many work hours do a hair stylist work how many work hours do a hair stylist work

What do you call someone that styles and cuts hair?

Beautician. Hair stylist/hairdresser.

How many years of college to be a hair stylist?

how many years of college to be a hair stylist

How you can get a hair stylist lincense?

By taking stylist collage.

Do you have to go to college to be a hair stylist?

College is not required to become a hair stylist, but Cosmetology school is.

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Occupation starts with 'h'?

homemaker - housewife - hair-dresser - hair-stylist homemaker - housewife - hair-dresser - hair-stylist

What do stylist do?

A stylist cuts, cleans, colors ,and styls your hair

Who does Oprah Winfreys hair?

A hair stylist

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Would you tell me how to become a hair stylist?

Becoming a hair stylist does not take much time. Some good resources include, or

When was Tara Smith - hair stylist - born?

Tara Smith - hair stylist - was born in 1973.

What do a stylist work with?

Hair styling, or hair cutting

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What do you call Someone who dyes hair?

Hair stylist?

Facts about a hair stylist how many hour does a hair stylist work?

most hair stylists usually work from 9 am to 8 or 9 pm

How is a hair stylist related to fashion?

They style hair, and styling is considered to be fashion, so a hair stylist is related to fashoin because they 'fashion' people's hair in many ways.

Where can I find more information about hair stylist?

The best thing to do is speak with a hair stylist that your friends, family, or co-workers recommend. If that doesn't pan out for you then try checking out

What are the requirements of becoming a hair stylist?

To become a professional hair stylist, one must complete a hair styling certification program. After receiving certification, a hair stylist needs to practice on a number of potential clients before he or she is able to work at a reputable salon.

What is the pay of a hair stylist?

Not that much.

Who is Ashley Tisdale's hair stylist?


What do you call a hair stylist?

A beutician

What other jobs are related to a hair stylist?

There are heaps of jobs that are related to a hair stylist such as a Beauty Therapist, Massaginist and many more

Is cutting your hair body art?

Ask your hair stylist...