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Not true. The title holder is the lien holder, i.e. the bank who has financed the loan. You need to be added to the registration.This will allow you to get your own insurance policy, but you still must have the name of the person who is responsible for the loan on you policy.


The NCD Method is a modified administrative procedure that assists you in securing a title for vehicles purchased or sold at private or public sale or auction. This is done through a sequence of notarized correspondences between you and the seller / your opponent which is akin to getting an administrative judgment against someone. The person granting the administrative judgment is the notary who is supervising, monitoring and enforcing your interactions with the third party that you are corresponding with. The Notary provides legal proof that you sent the conditional acceptance to the third party and proof that there was no response. Since they are notaries and notaries are officers of the court, then an officer of the court certifies with a notarized affidavit, provided to you, that you sent the conditional acceptance to the claimant and that there was either no response / default or a dishonor of your request/offer. The Notary Certificate of Default or Dishonor Method has a way of almost forcing a business or a private individual to dishonor you in their interactions with you. This is done through a sequence of notarized correspondences between you and the seller/your opponent, which is akin to receiving an administrative judgment against someone. The Notary Certificate of Default or Dishonor Method (NCD/DM) is an administrative technique based on the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The NCD/DM method provides an administrative, nonjudicial method that uses a notary public to create/produce/provide certified, court-admissible evidence that the business or private individual has dishonored a financial instrument / title. A motor vehicle title is just that, a "financial instrument", that you want them to affect transfer/ accept. works in all fifty states utilizing The Notary Certificate of Default and/or Notary Certificate of Dishonor Method.

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Q: What do you have to do to be added on to a vehicle title that is financed you are not related to the person on the title you are making payments to the financial company and buying the vehicle?
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