What do you have to do to get famous?

Number ONE, document it!


1. Kit Carson is famous for only one reason; Capt Fremont wrote about him and the news spread back east.

There were many many famous scouts/trappers/hunters, California Joe...Fitzgerald (crooked hand or broken hand), Jim Bridger, Joe Walker, George Nidiver, but ONLY ONE KIT CARSON! Because he had a promoter...someone who advertised for him.

2. Wyatt Earp is famous because of the writer Ned Buntline and Earp's shooting incident in Arizona in 1881 (OK Corrall). Earp spent only a few years as a law man, most of his life he was a bar owner, boxing referee, prospector, and real estate man. But he's remembered for being a law man because SOMEONE WROTE ABOUT HIM!