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You're one smart lady for telling him that. The ball is in his court and until he gets that help DON'T TAKE HIM BACK! If he tells you he's seeing a psychiatrist then go with him to be sure he really is and that he's keeping his appointments. Unfortunately, men who are abusive (even women who are) seldom get professional help, so I wouldn't wait around too long. I was married the first time to a mentally/physically abusive guy who cheated on me. It took me 3 1/2 years to realize the mess I was in. Like you I gave him the "heave ho" and I left filing for divorce. I knew deep inside there was nothing I could do to change what he was because that has to come within the person themselves. I didn't bother with our friends any longer (for fear I would be connected to him in some way) made new friends, got a new job and had the time of my life. I had fun, gave myself time to know who and what I was about and realized that my destiny was in my own hands and I didn't have take bad behavior from anyone. I became extremely independent, but not to a fault that I couldn't love again. I knew that when I could say I didn't need a man in my life to look after myself, that's when I knew I was ready for a new relationship. A couple of years after my divorce I met a wonderful man and we've been married 34 years this August. I hope you are as lucky. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What do you have to do to get your husband to come back to you after you told him he is abusive and needs to get some help?
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What can cause your husband not come after his wife?

Perhaps he has become disinterested and needs a little change to get the spark back.

What happens if the husband wants to come back to the wife?

ANSWER:If your husband want to come back, its time for you to really talk to him. He needs to know what he done to you. He also needs to realize that your trust is gone and if he wants to come back, he have a lot of things to prove to you. Sweetie you need to think about you this time, and be very careful for your own good.. Your life with him will never be the same anymore..

How do you get a husband to come back?

Well, To be honest, There is no guarantee that a husband will come back. I advise you to meet up with him, and discuss the problems you guys have had. If he doesn't come back, there are plenty more men out there!

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He is very verbally abusive to me and I have never met her. Do I have to allow my ex-husband and his fiance come to my children's events?

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How do you succeed over the mentally abusive husband?

Tell your friends you need them to come with you to collect your stuff from your place and just leave. Then call the police and put a restraining order against him.

Do you forgive yourself after your husband cheated on you?

If you have never cheated and just your husband has then it is not you that needs to forgive yourself, but your husband needs to smarten up and see what he has done to you. There are no excuses for cheating! If people are that unhappy in a relationship they should have the fortitude to face the person and tell them the relationship is over and then start dating other people. People who cheat are spineless; have no moral sense; do not respect the feelings of their spouse and are self centered and selfish. Your husband needs to earn your trust back if he wants to come back into the marriage and if so, then marriage counseling would be a good idea to give you both the tools to learn to communicate better and to deal with any problems you have in your marriage.

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If you don't trust your man anymore after he cheated will the trust ever come back?

No ANSWER: Trust will be hard to give back especially if your husband betrayed you and it depends on situation of the problem. But I do know the trust that make us human will come back to you, not sure towards your husband but it will happen, give yourself time..

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