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I've been looking to do the same thing, but in New Jersey. I spoke to a guy from a local dealership and he said the first step (and half the work) is to get your M.S.O. (manufacturer's statement of origin) changed to a title. To do that he said you need to find a D.M.V. that isn't that smart, because they are not actually supposed to do that. After you have done that, you need a kit to add all the lights (headlight, taillight, brake lights, turn signals, license plate assembly) then you need to register it and insure it. when you take it to get inspected, you cant go to the D.M.V. because it has a plastic gas tank (not street legal) and probobly has dirt tires (also not street legal) so you should go to a local garage where you can slip the guy some extra cash to get it passed. dirt tires will wear very quickly if you ride it on the street much, but there are some that are 20% street, 80% dirt, and they are much better for roads.

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Q: What do you have to do to make your 2005 Yamaha ttr 250 street legal in Tennessee?
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