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You must have the code which is either in the manual or can be obtained from the dealer with your VIN number, I believe. Other people have said it's also by the tire jack but I haven't looked there. I don't have an owner's manual so the dealer had to look it up on the computer for me.

I've had this happen twice when the battery died. It goes into the SAFE 2 mode if you try entering it and don't do it right and then you have to leave the radio on for 1 1/2 hours to have it come on to 1000 and then set it with each number one at a time and then hold down right reset until he beeps on. So, if you are discouraged as I was, the answer is to leave it on with the SAFE showing for over an hour and it probably will come on with the 1000 for setting eventually.

If you're like me, without a manual, this hasn't been easy. The dealer was helpful even though I got the car after the warranty had expired.

On my 98 Beetle I found the code in the spare tire compartment it is a 4 digit number mine was 0039 but they are all different. It is in a white sticker on the inside of the spare tire storage. Once you find your code then follow the instructions posted on this site. It worked great for me and I saved $85.00 dealer fee........ .

This also worked on my wifes 2000 Beetle. The sticker had the vin number on it and below the vin was the four digit code. Good luck.

i also have my radio on safe i think i found the code once i enter it what do i do how do i press enter

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Q: What do you have to do to reset the radio from 'safe mode' on a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle if the number starts with a zero and the radio doesnt have a zero ..?
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