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Lock your knees, lift up your bum, put hands on horses neck. Also go straight at jump at a trot or canter.

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Q: What do you have to do when you jump over a hurdle?
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How do you use the word hurdle in a sentence?

I jumped over the hurdle. The hurdle was to high for her to clear. Tony knocked over the hurdle because he didn't jump high enough. That enough? It's those things that people jump over during races for track & field.

What you have to do if you jump a hurdle?

You don't jump a hurdle, you 'hurdle' a hurdle. Instead of jumping up then comming down, it's kind of like you take a huge step over it so you can keep running fast.

What do track runners jump over as an obstacle?

a hurdle

What is a hurdle?

A Hurdle is something athleetes jump over in olympics,cross country races & more!

How can hurdle be used in a sentence?

I dared my best friend to join the track team and jump over a HURDLE

What do hurdlers where?

Hurdlers hurdle on a track they jump over hurdles

How many hurdles would you jump in a 400 meter hurdle race?

you would have to hurdle over 10 hurdles

How many hurdles would you jump in a 60 meter hurdle race?

You would hurdle 5 . (not jump) !

Race where runners jump an obstacle?

A race where the runners jump over something is called a hurdle. There can be short and long hurdles.

What do the people on the track and field jump over called?

Well there are two options. They either jump over a hurdle, which is a short bar that the runners race over, or they jump over a bar for the high jump or pole vault, which has two stands and a flexible bar.

Can tortoise jump?

turtle hurdle

What if the hurdles fall during the race?

There is no penalty for knocking down a hurdle when attempting to jump over it. Although, I guess there is one penalty and that is the runner will not be as fast because of hitting the hurdle. But a runner will not be disqualified for knocking down a hurdle.

What is the correct form of jumping a hurdle?

you do not jump a hurdle you step, your lead leg fully extended and your trail closely behind being dragged over the hurdle and force your arm forward to touch the toe of your lead leg.

How do you jump a hurdle?

place your horse in the middle!

To jump a hurdle If you have to?

put your horse in the middle

What is a hink pink for a tortoise jump?

Turtle hurdle.

What is a jump in athleties?

Isn't it a hurdle? If that's what you mean. .

What are synonyms for the word jump?

bound leap hurdle

In Zelda ocarina of time for the n64 how do you jump the bigger of the 2 hurdles to get your hourse?

to jump the bigger of the two hurdles position epona so that she is a ways away from the hurdle then run straight at the hurdle and use your carrots to speed up use at least three when you are nearing the hurdle when you are about to hit it epona will jump it.

Where do you put your horse when you jump a hurdle?

-Put your horse in the middle.

How do you spell herdel?

The likely word is hurdle (to jump, or an obstacle).

What is the water hurdle called in a steeple race?

Water jump

Is it uncommon that a girl of eight can jump over a hurdle of just under 3 ft?

yes i think you have a protegy child on your hands

What are the rules of the 110 meter hurdles?

You start at the starting line which is 45ft away from the first hurdle and when you jump the first hurdle you have nine more to jump which are 30ft apart. You are allowed to hit/knock down the hurdle, but your not allowed to push down the hurdles with your hands.

How do you train a dog to jump over a hurdle in dog agility?

first place a hurdle little down so that our dog can easily your dogs favorite item on the hurdle.try it by placing item away. all the best