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What do you have to go through to own a auto mechanic shop?

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first you have to be a certified mechanic, then you will probably need to get a loan from the bank to buy a place where u can have your own auto shop and it all works from there

2008-04-12 02:39:19
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What are the instructions for auto repairs?

I wouldn't fix my vehicle on my own if I am not an licensed auto mechanic. The smart thing to do is to take your car into auto shop or get an auto mechanic to help your through the process.

Should I take my car to a mechanic auto repair shop?

You should always take your car to an auto mechanic. Repairing a car can be costly, lengthy and difficult. If you are not a mechanic, then I wouldn't recommend that you repair your own car.

Benefits of being a auto mechanic?

One of the top of my head: You have the expertise to fix your own car instead of taking it into a shop and paying lots of money to get repairs done on it.

How do you own your own auto repair shop?

To become an auto repair shop owner you will need to have training in that field. You will also need to create name and get a business license. You will then need to rent or purchase a shop for you to do all of your work.

To open an auto paint shop, what materials are needed?

I would like to open up my own auto paint shop. What are some materials I must have?

In The Great Gatsby what does George do for a living?

He own the auto-shop in the valley of ashes. He fixes cars.

How can I open my own Auto Repair Shop?

To open your own auto repair shop, or any business for that matter, you'll need to obtain a business permit, financing and secure a location. You'll then need to hire employees, get forms, advertising and so forth.

How can I get auto mechanic training?

You can save a lot of money by becoming your own auto mechanic. You can get training at a vocational school like ITT Technical University and the Universal Technical Institute. You can also study at a garage, by asking knowledgeable or handy friends, and by attending community automotive classes.

Do any auto insurers have their own collision repair centers?

No they do not run their own shops. They will try to steer you to a shop they have a deal with to get a cheaper price for them.

Where can I learn how to open my own auto repair shop? has some info to help you get started

How can I make sure that a garage isn't trying to overdraw on my auto repair insurance?

If your insurance company is offering auto repair insurance, you have the option of taking your vehicle to your own mechanic. Taking your vehicle to a personal mechanic rather than one chosen by your insurance company eliminates the doubts.

Where can I get auto body color services?

Go to your nearest body shop. Maybe you can cut a deal with your local mechanic to paint your car. There are even DIY tutorials to help you paint your own car but I wouldn't recommend it. For more assistance, call your car's company line.

Do mechanic buy their own tools?

Yes, they order tools from blacksmiths, and the blacksmiths make any tool they need. ~edit~ Depending on the shop they work for most Auto Mechanics will be required to have their own hand tools, most often bought from mobile tool dealers such as Cornwell Tools, Mac Tools, Snap On and Matco.

What should I know if I want to open my own auto repair shop?

If opening your own auto repair shop, it is a good idea to do a little research and find out what proper licenses and Insurances you will need for your state. You might want to contact an Attorney who can give you good legal advise. You must first get a location to open up your own shop. Then you should get various license to make sure you are cerfiied and allowed to do so.

What tools do I need to do my own auto body repairs?

Basic tools such as wrenches, screw drivers, and a car lift will help when starting a auto body repair shop.

Does auto zone sell master mechanic power tools?

No. They sell their own brand, Duralast and theey're really nice tools...Snap-On quality!

How do you change your windshield?

As a profesional master certified auto glass installer, I wouldn't recommend the average backyard mechanic to attempt installing a windshield on your own.

Auto Mechanic?

An auto mechanic is an important person for most drivers out there. A good auto mechanic will be a trusted resource in getting a vehicle back on the road. He will be able to fix any and all problems and diagnose what might be wrong with a car. This person typically has a lot of technically ability to could be skilled in a number of automobile areas. Some will specialize in an area like tires and brakes, but most auto mechanics have a basic knowledge of the entire car and can fix almost all problems.Becoming an auto mechanicThe process of becoming an auto mechanic is a little bit different than with most job fields. Many will enter the field after completing some sort of technical school program for auto repair. This will teach them some of the necessary skills for getting started. Though this is a popular way to get involved with in the auto mechanic world, it is not imperative. Others learn through experience after working with an auto mechanic. This is very much a field where apprenticeship is valued. You can learn necessary skills from someone with his own shop.For experienced auto mechanics, there are certifications that you can acquire to make yourself more marketable. Some will gain electrical certification for working with the car’s more complicated systems.How much do they make?A good auto mechanic can command $75 per hour or more in labor costs. When you add that up over the course of a week and a year, it comes out to pretty good money. A starting mechanic won’t make that much, but he can expect to pull in around $40,000. As one gets more experience, he can make more than $100,000. It all depends upon the amount of work you can do and the level of business you can attract.What do they do?An auto mechanic will work directly with clients to figure out just what’s wrong with a vehicle. They handle diagnostic checks where they determine the problem prior to working on the car. From there, it is all about getting their hands dirty and fixing whatever issue a vehicle might have.

Auto paint and body shop -- Investment and wages?

I'm thinking of starting my own business. How much of an investment would it take to open an auto paint and body shop? How much are the average pay rates for body repair techs?

What are the advantages of being a auto mechanic?

You can save a lot of money and time by working on your own automobile . You also can trust your own work . You will also find you have more friends (cheapskates) than you ever had before.

What kind of degree do you need for auto mechanic?

. Auto mechanics are usually certified. An ASE is one of the most common. You can be certified in many areas, such as brakes,electrical or air conditioning. You do not have to have a certification. However getting a paying job is much easier if you have had training and the aptitude and OWN your own tools.

What are 3 benefits of being an auto mechanic?

#1 No matter where you live you can always find a job. #2 You save $$$$ maintaining your own vehicles. #3 You will always have friends.

Do auto glass specialists usually start their own businesses or do they usually use the same facilities as a full-service shop?

Auto glass specialists usually start their own businesses. You can read more at or

Where is the Neutral safety switch on a 1992 Volvo 940 located?

couldn't find a straight answer online. If you have a manual, it would be either under the dash close to where the clutch pedal attaches or in the transmission. If it is an automatic, it would be in the transmission. If you're trying to fix your own car, you should get a Haynes manual from Auto Zone for your car. A Haynes manual is geared more for the home mechanic than the Chiltons manual, which is geared for a mechanic. Either way, a good auto parts shop should be able to help you find it.

How many days does an auto mechanic have to return your phone call about a repair guarantee?

You would have to consult your own states consumer protection laws to see if this kind of situation is addressed.