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The rent it self and usually electric, heat, water, and gas if your landord don`t cover it.

You have to pay for everything that a landlord includes in the lease, and then your own bills in addition to whatever is either not included in your rent or written in the lease.

Typically you would expect to pay the following:


> GAS and/or OIL (some have one or the other & some have both)


** NOTE ** Some apartments include utilities, or they will include only heat, hot water, or electric... they will mention this in their ads and when they include any utilities this means it's one less bill for you. ** NOTE **

In Addition Here Are Other Common Things:

> PHONE (save on a phone bill by using only your cell or get magicjack)

> internet (save by checking for unsecured wireless in the area first)

> Cable Television or SATELLITE

Then there are possibilities depending on where you live that you could pay:



** NOTE ** The above two things are not common, but you could see those charges if you rent a house and not an apartment. ** NOTE **

Then there are optional things you could pay, such as:

> RENTERS INSURANCE (not needed but its good to have)

> HOME ALARM SYSTEM (again, not needed but keeps you safe)

> FURNITURE RENTAL, LEASE OR FINANCING (if you can't afford to buy it all)

There are a lot of costs to having an apartment, but at the minimum you should plan on paying your rent, gas (for heat, hot water and cooking) and electric. Anything over this is up to you if you want a phone, cable, internet, etc...

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Q: What do you have to pay for in an apartment?
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If your apartment has bed bugs do you have to pay for it?

You'll have to pay for the apartment but the bed bugs are free.

Does a tenant have to pay rent in his current apartment while searching for a new apartment?

Of course! You are living in the apartment and therefore are obligated to pay to live there. Why would one think that the landlord would pay your rent?

Do apartment renters have to pay for garbage?

it will depend on the apartment complex if the renters have to pay extra for garbage. Most apartments include trash with rent.

What kind of credit is needed to rent an Apartment?

i lease apartment in florida and pay up. in colorado i can get apartment 570 credit score

How do I find a low income apartment in brooklyn?

I would suggest using an apartment locator service. Apartment locators find apartments for you and pay you for it.

How do you get your electricity turned on in an apartment?

pay your bills.

If the tenant in the apartment filed a bankcrupcy its ok to stay in the apartment still?

The bankruptcy has nothing to do with the landlord. If they pay the rent, they can stay; If they don't pay, they gotta go.

Can you get section 8 for an apartment that you can no longer pay for landlord wants information for you to be able to stay in your apartment?

can you get section 8 for an apartment you are all ready rent but can no longer pay for landlord wants information for section 8 for renters and how you can get it.

Do you have to pay taxes on apartment rent?

In most states, you will not have to pay taxes on apartment rent. You simply pay the required monthly rent to your landlord and you will never have to record those amounts when you file your yearly taxes.

Do you have to pay tax on apartment rental if apartment is secondary residence?

You should negotiate about tax with house owner

How much would I expect to pay monthly for a downtown apartment in MIlwaukee, Wisconsin?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $650 to $1100 for an downtown apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Can you rent an apartment on unemployment benefits?

Technically, you could pay for an apartment with unemployment benefits. However, if you are unemployed, and trying to rent an apartment, it will be very difficult for you to get approved without having a job. The apartment owners want to make sure that you have a steady income to be able to pay your rent, so they may not want to rent an apartment to someone who is unemployed.

What are expenses that apartment dwellers do not have to pay?

A mortgage loan

Which of the following are not expenses that apartment dwellers have to pay?

The mortgage

If you are emancipated can you rent an apartment in Texas?

If a person is emancipated from their parents they should be able to rent an apartment. They will have to meet all the requirements to rent the apartments and be able to pay for the apartment.

Can you rent an apartment with no employment but will pay for the apartment in full for the year?

If you sign only a 1 year lease some apartments will allow you to do that if you pay the amount in a cashiers check or money order. Let them know when turning in your application your situation. -Assistant Apartment Manager

How do you rent an apartment in Beijing during Olympic?

pay money

Does renting an apartment affect your credit?

Not adversely if you pay on time

Can you leave apartment and pay later?

Well, if you do you'd be in jail

Can you rent an apartment after you buy a car Because they pull your credit when you buy a car will that affect the ability to be qualified to rent an apartment?

Should be no problem as long as they believe you can afford to pay for the apartment.

Can a parent sign the contract for their child's apartment?

As long as the landlord is aware that the child will be occupying the apartment, yes. This makes the parent responsible for the costs of the apartment in the event that the child fails to pay however.

What is it called to et kicked out of a apartment when you don't pay rent?


Does the speaker of the house live within the houses of parliament?

They have an apartment, that we pay for !

Can a golden retriever live in an apartment?

Depends on the apartments, some will let you, some won't, and some make you pay a fee to have a dog in your apartment.

How much do apartment cleaning jobs pay in south Florida?

Apartment cleaning jobs generally pays about $10/hour in south Florida