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What do you hear when your inner tie rod ends are worn out?



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You hear a popping noise when you make a turn

Actually, your tie rod ends should never make a noise during vehicle operation. They would have to be "dangerously" worn in order to make a popping noise when the steering wheel is turned. At that point, if you feel you are getting that type of noise when you turn, park the car and contact your favorite automotive tech for on the spot advice. Also, if your tire rod ends are the actual problem, your front tires will exibit severe irregular tire wear, so check them for this condition as well.To further address a "popping" noise when turning, if the sound is a pop, pop, pop, etc., when the steering wheel is turned and the car is in motion, as in negotiating a corner or a u-turn, have your technician check your outer cv (constant velocity) joint on the front jack shaft. If the boots are torn and the grease has leaked out and allowed contaminants in, they may need replacement. Unless you have a mechanical aptitude and the proper tools, this is not a typical "do-it-yourself" type project. Good Luck