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if it's an aftermarket CD player look for a blue wire with a yellow stripe. if it's stock you need to find the power antenna wire. most decks have 1 even if you don't have a power antenna.

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Q: What do you hook the amplifier wire in the back of your CD player up to so it works?
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Can do you hook an equalizer amplifier into the back of a CD player up to so it works?

Yes, it goes in series in the audio path. The output of the CD player connects to the input of the Equalizer and the output connects to the input of the Receiver or Power amp.

How can you hook up Wii if tv doesnt have hook up?

get a VCR player and hook up it by the back inputs

What does sound travel through to get to the amplifier?

sound travels from your source, a.k.a. in dash CD player, thru a pre-amplifier (RCA output) and then thru the rca cables that you hook up to the back of your source to the amplifier. If you are not using the pre-amp from the stereo. (RCA outputs) you can use a high level output adapter, which you connect to the speaker leads from the bacck of your source unit. The high level aka speaker level adapter changes your speaker wires on the back of your CD player to RCA outputs. from the high level adapter you then run RCA cables to your amplifier. Some amplifiers have a high level adapter built into them, which does not require the use of an external speaker level adapter, and your speaker wires can run directly into the aftermarket amplifier.

How do you insall a amplifier?

hook a ground up to your battery and mount it to the amp and hook it up with a few more things and yea you got it man

What is 4 chanel amplifier means?

it means you can only hook up 4 speakers

If my TV does not have an amplifier can one be added?

Yes you would hook the audio line into the amp then to the speaker from there.

How do you hook up HDMI cable for surround sound system?

You will need:A stereo amplifierSpeakersAn optical audio cable1) Connect the HDMI cable from whatever you are trying to hook up (Virgin Box, Blu-ray player, PS3, Xbox 360) into the back of your television.2) Connect the optical audio cable from the back of your television to the slot on your stereo amplifier.3) Your amplifier should be connected to the speakers. If it isn't, do so (it should be covered in the manual)4) You may need to configure Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound for it to work.5) Ensure the amplifier is turned on.Alternatively, you could connect your optical audio cable directly from what you are trying to rig up to the stereo. Either way should work.I hope that helped.

How do you install a CD player into a 1988 Chevy truck?

where your tape player is in the middler of your dash replace that with your CD player and un hook the wires from your stock radio. I did the same think in my truck and it works fine.

How do you bridge a two channel amplifier?

hook both pos on one side and both neg on tha other

How do you hook up an equalizer to a home stereo without a monitor switch?

Well let's say you want to use your 'CD player' on your equalizer. (just for example) So we take the rca cord coming from your CD player and hook it to your equalizers INPUT. Then run the equalizers output to the INPUT on your amplifier/receiver. Make sure everything is on and equalizer is not defeated and you can start adjusting!

How can you use an input on your tv to hook up earphones that need an output?

You can't. The earphones need to be connected to an amplifier at the output.

If I hook two 8 ohm speakers together in series can I use a 16 ohm amplifier?

Yes, you can hook two 8 ohm speakers together in series for use with 16 ohm amplifier. Just make sure they are in phase, red dots not together or apart, so that you don't get phase cancellation.

What kind of amplifier would be needed to hook up a stereo to a television?

With the proper converters, any amplifier has the capability of connecting a stereo to a television. A simple step-by-step guide of instructions can be found on the domain name "About."

Does a CD have to have more power from the amp to make the sub work?

Ok so u do have a cd player yes ur cd player needs to hook up an amplifier to play ur sub woofers the cd it self doesn't have enough power to play the subs

How do you go about wiring an aftermarket sound system in a 1994 cadillac deville considering the stock amplifier?

first don't remove your stock stereo if u havn"t already. The radio works with the carscomputer to reset codes and other stuff. you can get an adapter that turns your speaker wire on the back of the radio into left and right channel to hook up to an aftermarket amplifier. then hook up your new speakers and sub woofer to the amp and use the stock radio to get your grove on. or install an after market radio in the glove box or middle console but don't remove the stock radio. get rid of the stock amp not powerful enough.

What is the advantage of a front hook bra from a back hook bra?

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Can you hook up an amplifier to the stock 2006 dodge ram stereo?

yes you can i have an amp and subs in my 2006 dodge 2500 HD

Can a car amplifier be wired in a house to power subs?

yes but u would have to hook the amp up to a power source and ground it

Can you hook up subs to a stock magnum CD player?

Yes you can, The battery is in the back of the trunk, you hook your amp up to the battery and then the amp to the sub, you need to buy a converter for the back speaker, you can buy one from any car audio shop, you then splice the wires in the back and hook up your converter, then hook the converter to the amp, But get it professionally installed because my buddy tried to do it with his magnum and it started to blow fuses, It shocked him today, he is going to get it professionally done today

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Do you connect speakers to receiver or amplifier?

Depends on what your definition of "receiver" is, but most of the time - to the amplifier. Consider: if the receiver is some form of a device that receives some signal, and then decodes it to audio, then the receiver will hook into the amplifier, which in turn will drive the speakers (so the speakers go to the amplifier) if, on the other hand, the receiver is a part of a wireless connection between the amplifier and speaker, then it really serves the role of a cable, so in essence you're again connecting the speakers to an amplifier (only using the receiver as an intermediary) You would have to specify your case.

Can you hook up an amplifier for a car to a AV receiver for a home theatre system?

It depends on the specific models of each, but typically, Yes. Of course you will need a 12VDC power supply for the amplifier, though. You will also need a AV receiver with a preamp output. You cannot run speaker level outputs into the input of an amplifier.

How do you hook up speakers to microphones?

You have to employ the microphone jack on the amplifier providing the signal to the speakers. If you don't have a mic jack on your amp, your out of luck.

How do you hook up an amp without outputs?

If you're meaning how to hook up an amplifier that uses RCA connectors and all you have is speaker wire, then what you need is a RCA High/Low Line Converter. Its a small box with 2 wire connectors and 2 rca connectors. They're very cheap, there are several on eBay for about $10 or about $20 in a local store. At the back of the CD player, just splice into the wiring harness and connect to your rear left and rear right speakers.