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I would find another doctor. If you were definitely pregnant and called the doctor to report heavy bleeding, he should have sent you for beta HcG tests. That will determine if the placenta is still producing the pregnancy hormone, if it is, then you're still pregnant, if the amount is not rising, then you have miscarried.

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Q: What do you if a doctor told you you had a miscarriage because you had heavier bleeding and clotting but he never looked at you or did a pelvic exam?
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Could you have had a miscarriage if your period came three weeks ago and you have kept bleeding and spotting since then?

It is a possibility. I suggest you go to the doctor and get checked. If you HAVE had a miscarriage and you are still bleeding you may have a bit of the pregnancy still inside which could cause an infection or heavier bleeding. If you have NOT had a miscarriage there is some other problem which needs checking.

Can spotting for one day eleven days after conception mean a miscarriage?

No. Spotting is probably implantation bleeding. You would know if you had miscarried because it would be heavier and painful

What can cause a miscarriage if you have been pregnant for one week?

Something as simple as a sneeze can cause you to miscarriage. Generally, however, you don't know that you're one week along and can miscarry without knowing that you were pregnant. This miscarriage type of miscarriage can result in some heavier-than-normal bleeding and such.

Can you be pregnant and starte your period a week early and spotted pink and brown then your period get heavier?

You can spot during a pregnancy but if you start bleeding heavily it can be a sign of a miscarriage.

How can you tell the difference between normal bleeding and a miscarriage?

normal bleeding will be the same as a normal period if a women misscarried she minght encounter servre stomache aches and pains low abdominal pains and a very much more heavier bleed may be slightly darker in color and alot heavier

Is it a miscarriage if you are bleeding heavily 5 days after your normal period?

nahhh there s a high possibility it was a "chemical" pregnancy. This is when the egg implanted in the wall briefly but then your body expelled it. This happened to my girlfriend only while ago. She took a pregnancy test which said positive, then she got her period, slightly heavier then normal, and then the next test said negative. It is possible to be pregnant and have light bleeding but if it is normal or heavier than normal i would say it is an early miscarriage

Is bright red bleeding during 6 weeks pregnancy leads to miscarriage?

It is not uncommon to bleed during the first weeks of pregnancy. Often it will settle, or it may continue on to a miscarriage, and the bleeding become heavier and be accompanied by cramps. To be on the safe side, take it easy, and see a doctor if it seems to be more than just a small amount, is increasing, or you develop a fever.

Is spotting heavier in morning normal when pregnant?

It may be .. but it also be a sign of a miscarriage

Will you have a heavier period and more cramping if you had a recent miscarriage?

It does vary, after my miscarriage my next period was very heavy & painful, almost like having another miscarriage. It does get better with time. best wishes

Does pink spotting mean you are having a miscarriage?

no it doesnt sound like it it is mostl likely early pregnancy bleeding, which is generally harmless, if it starts to become heavier and have clots i would be worried if you have concerns it is wise to talk to a medical proffesonal

What does a miscarriage look like in the first month?

Pretty much like a heavier period.

Does Pilates make menstrual bleeding heavier?

There is no research that has proven that.

How do you know that you are having a miscarriage?

I had a miscarriage about a month ago. First I started spotting after a pelvic exam which I believe is perfectly normal and does not mean you're going to have a miscarriage. Instead of the spotting getting better after a few days, it got worse, turning from brown to red and getting heavier. After about 4 days of this red, heavier bleeding (not as heavy as a period, but clumpy and heavier than spotting), I started having cramps one night after work (Election Night, to be exact). The cramps came in waves and became more intense as the night went on. The bleeding was full of large clots and I kept feeling like I had to move my bowels and I did so a few times. Several hours later, what felt like a very large blood clot came out (twice within a few minutes) and then the cramps stopped and that was it. I also had a couple of blood tests during the days when I was spotting and bleeding and my hormone levels were not increasing very much.

If you had implantation bleeding then had heavier bleeding day after?

i am having the same thing. tell me if you find anything out and i hope someone will answer this!

Does white discharge mean miscarriage?

well you could google information on miscarriage but as far as i understand when you miscarriage it is similar to your period only heavier than usual and late.. so no it could just be normal discharge or it could be an STD..

Can a pap smear be done while you are menstruating?

Light bleeding will not affect a pap smear. Heavier bleeding will interfere with pap smear results.

You are on your 6th day of Primolut-N for heavy bleeding you now have light spotting is it okay to have sex with your boyfriend Will it cause heavier bleeding again?

you'd better not to have sex while bleeding.

I hardley bleeding for a period?

Usually light bleeding for menstrual period is not a concern. However, if it continues and had been heavier in the past, a visit to doctor may be needed.

You had a light period 6weeks after giving birth and went back on pill two weeks later but 3 weeks from then you are bleeding heavier and lost a pink and red clot lasnight could this be a miscarriage?

It most likely is nothing but a clot. A fetus at that stage of development would rarely be visible on expulsion.

Why do you have heavy periods?

One reason can be fluctuations in hormone levels. This is often the case for women approaching menopause. Also, if your blood is not clotting easily the bleeding will be heavy...some medications will do this, and even garlic and Vitamin E supplements can.

Should there be heavy bleeding after an IUD removal?

If you were on a hormonal IUD, your period will be heavier after it's removed. You may have some bleeding on the day of removal, but this should be no heavier than a period and should not last longer than a day (normally just for a few minutes).

Do you bleed heavier when you get off birth control?

No. You only bleed like 5%. The bleeding stops. The reason you bleed is because there's blood around your baby. When your water breaks, and the baby is out, blood comes out. But don't worry! The bleeding stops in 4 seconds.

Could I be having a miscarriage if I am 5 weeks pregnant and am having very light cramps and bloating?

Miscarriage is always accompanied by bleeding or shedding of the uterine wall as in a normal period, only much heavier and usually contains some clots.Light cramps without bleeding or even with light spotting is normal in early pregnancy.Bloating is a normal part of pregnancy, usually worse in the last trimester. but the initial weight gain some women have in the first few months feels much like bloat or a general puffiness.

I feel pregnant but seen spoting blood.can i be pregnant?

Yes. Spotting can indicate implantation of the fetus into the uterine wall (usually between 3-5 weeks pregnant). Spotting can also indicate the start of a miscarriage. BUT many many pregnancies have had spotting (and even heavier bleeding) and still been successful.

What is the medical term meaning heavy bleeding at and between menstrual periods?

Menometrorrhagia is the medical term meaning bleeding that's heavier and more frequent than normal.