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Don't go there! He is going out with your best friend. But then maybe you to belong together as you both are lying to her.

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You can either ruin your relationship with your best friend or, you know, don't date your BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND!

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Q: What do you if you are in love with your best friends boyfriend and he likes you to?
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What do you do when your boyfriend likes you and your best friend?

Love, is exclusive. One or the other. If he likes you both then he probably doesn't love either of you.

What happens if you fall in love with your best friends ex boyfriend?


Would platonic love be considered closer to being best friends or being boyfriend and girlfriend?

Platonic love is nonsexual love between friends.

I'm in love with my ex-best friends boyfriend and she reallly loves him help.?

then uh..... un-love him ??

My boyfriend's best friend is in love with him should i worry Or should I just let it be what it is?

It depends if he likes her the same way she does with him. If he wants to stay with you, she needs to get over him and move on with just being friends. You should be calm about this.

How do you get with your friends boyfriend?

you cant love is love

How do you know when your boyfriend likes you?

just ask him honestlydo u love me if he does not answer he doesnt if he says yes ask one of his friends davidlee your welcome

If you have a boyfriend who is great but you are deeply in love with someone else what should you do?

It depends - which one do you love more? Which on eis nicer? Which one is best for you? Pick the one who you like and who likes you best.

How do you handle things if your best friend is crushing your boyfriend/crush and he maybe likes her back?

- How do I deal with my crush on one of my best friends? ... How do I tell my best friend that I have a crush on her crush? ... (there may be exceptions..) . ... nice person and be ready to be supportive of your best friend if she likes your crush back. ... But remember crush is very different thing from love although it's a good thing.

How do you tell your best friends boyfriend to back off of you?

Tell him you are not interested in him, and if you were, you would not see him, out of love and loyalty for your best friend.

Does my ex-boyfriend still like me after I broke up with him?

Yes he's jealous of your new boyfriend who is one of his best friends ! -Love Yourself

How do you choose your boyfriend or your best guy friend that is in love with you?

Choose the one that you really like/love , you can still be friends with the other one .

My ex girfriend has a boyfriend but she still likes me?

Like and love are two different things .. She likes you but the love is with her new boyfriend . You can also go with anyone else if wanted

What do you do if you still love your ex-boyfriend but he likes someone else and you still want to be friends with him but you go to different schools which are not far away?

Try emailing.

Who do you believe your Boyfriend who you love for three months or your best friends?

Your friends that have been with you th longest u can never go wrong with them :P

Ok so I have a boyfriend who likes to fight a lot and a lot of these guys NOW decide to tell me that they like me I really don't want my boyfriend or boy FRIENDS fighting what do I do?

do you love your boyfriend? and if so tell your boy friends that you love them as a friend and and if the like you then they well not fight over you because they might try to say there in-till it's over with you and your boyfriend well it might work because it worked for me when i was in 5th

What if you are in love with your best friends boy friend and he likes you to?

never date your friends x's or current bf's. get over him, if you don't your not a loyal friend.

What do you do if you like your best friend's girlfriend and she likes you but doesn't want to hurt her new boyfriend?

Ask yourself what is more important, love or friendship. But note that loves come and go, but friends stay for whole life

How do you know if you in love with you best friends boyfriend?

well my supposed to be best friend likes my beau so she also like my bestest frineds beau ways u can figure out is by jealousy.Easily if u see them huggin and feel angry,sad a strong emotion love mixed with it causes jealousy that's how u kno.

Is it okay to love youe best friends boyfriend?

yes.. till she/he dont mind.. or till you dont reveal..:)

What do you do if your best friends ex likes you and you like them but your taken?

the person who can liked your best friend, and now likes you, cant be trustworty. true love happens once.... and what on earth is taken? humans are not property.

How do you get a boy to love you when he is going out with you're best friend?

You can't force someone to feel something that they don't feel. If he's with her, then that (probably) means he likes her. If he's with your best friend, then you need to lay off him. She's your best friend, right? Would you want her to steal YOUR boyfriend? Friends come first.

What should I do if the boy you love is dating the girl that is like your best friend and he likes you back?

If you love your friend. Be true to her and do nothing more than just be friends with her bf. Breaking your friends heart for your feeling that may or may not exist is not worth it.. Also, if yoour friends boyfriend llikes you while he is still dating your friend, there is no promise that he wont like some1 else when he is dating yoou. Be true to your friend. :)

How do you know my boyfriend really love me?

you ask him if he Like likes you

She likes you but you don't know what to do?

if i am the girl, i would make friends to him and show what i feel about him and i will love until i give my very best to him that i can.