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What do you know about Sysco Corporation?


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June 29, 2008 5:20AM

The Sysco food Service is North America's leading marketer of foodservice products. I work for their subsiderairy company The Sygma Network. We deliver food to Resturants. Hotels, Schools, Casinos. We operate all over the Nation Sysco also has Distributors in Canda. Sysco's operation consist of 90 percent day time delivery while Sygma Delivers alot at night. Sysco Has made a Profit in every Quarter for the Last 18 Years of my knowledge. Drivers for both companies average around 54k a year plus benefits and vaction along with stock options and 401k. Between the two Sysco is the better Company to work for.Because there is a more stable future with Sysco than Sygma I hope this helped!