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What do you know about Tinkerbells Fairydust A band from the sixties?

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Tinkerbells Fairydust was the name of a British psych pop group

in the late 1960's, (originally The Rush) who hailed from East

London and recorded under the (now defunct) Decca label. Although

they never enjoyed much record success in England they did manage

to reach number one in Japan in 1967 with hit single - 2010 a nice

minor-keyed piece of harmony psych, with an evocotive Wa-Wa Vox

Continental Keys, Mellodyne Woodwind, Spanish style Guitar, and

Choir-like Vocals. The hit song 2010 lyrics eluded to the year

twenty ten (still 43 years away in 1967) and where the world would

be then "Twenty Ten is three and forty years away, will we still be

walking together, will we still have something to say..." The

various band members were Steve Maher (Guitar Vocals), Stuart

Attride (Guitar/Keys Vocals), Gerry Wade (Bass Vocals), Barry

Creasy (Drums Vocals), Chas Wade (Drums Vocals), Eileen Woodham

(Hammond Vocals) and Dave Church (Vocals). An album was recorded by

the band in 1969 just as the band broke up and released in only a

small quantity by Decca. The consequence of this is that the

extreem rarity of this album has pushed up it's collectibility

rating to where recently a very shabby scratched copy was sold

recently (2007) on Ebay for in excess of $2000! Making it one of

the most valuable collectable Pop Albums. Although the original

vinyl album and singles are now almost impossible to locate, the

track Twenty Ten, and other songs can often be found on compilation

CD's such as "The Clouds Have Groovy Faces" from Bam Caruso

Records" "The Rubble series" - The British Psychedelic Trip Vol.3

1966-1969 and many other re-released compilation Psych CD's.

Reference: Steve Maher 2008

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