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Colt army special was produced in 1916.

A Colt army special & officiers model with that serial number without the Z ending was made in 1914.

1877 if it's a Single Action Army. Nothing special about the serial number.

Your Colt army special would be 102 years old. It was made in 1909.

there are far to many #s to be a proper serial #

Army special & officers model officers model special single action army & bisley revolvers police positive .38 bankers special police positive special & detective special

Impossible to answer without a serial number. has Colt sn tables.

That serial number shows it was made in 1922. If you google 'Colt Army Special .38' you will find some information on it.

this firearm was discontinued in 1941 then revived in 1955 and ran until mid 1980s with the serial number on yours i believe the age of your firearm is around 45 years old --- No Army Specials have been made for over 70 years ---- The Colt Army Special revolver was introduced in 1908 and discontinued in 1928. The patent dates you have are correct for the Army Special revolver, but the serial number is well outside the range. If you are reading the serial number correctly, you may have a rebarrelled Colt New Army. We'd have to see digital pictures of the gun to be certain.

It would be about 86 years old, made about 1923.

to determine date you would need the serial number.............................................

Don't know value, but the serial # 421681 shows it was produced around 1916. (407000-422999)

double action colt revolvers 1905 - 1978 Serial # 507493 made about 1925

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