What do you learn from dancing?


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Dance helps develop coordination, balance and timing.

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watch plenty of dance videos at home and listen to lots of music... it helps.

One can learn about break dancing by searching the internet, reading a book, asking professional dancers, or by watching performances online and on the television.

You can learn that its easy to dance once you start doing it each and every day.

no, gymnastics isn't necessary for dancing. unless you want to learn it, it is not important.

brake dancing is more like hip-hop and a real swagger dancing its got really good moves and its takes a while to learn

Pole dancing would be a perfect dancing activity. It can be performed within the comfort of your home.

- you can get hurt- it can take a lot of time to learn some dancing lessons.- you can get really tired

Learn It in an Hour - 2011 Pole Dancing 1-1 was released on: USA: 11 October 2011

Belly Dancing is not the native dance form of indigenous Mexican people, but if they want to, they can learn and practice belly dancing. Shakira Lebanese roots and belly dancing is widely popular in Lebanon which is why she dances it.

what about it? you want to learn? >>>

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People can watch pole dancing moves on several video websites like Youtube, Dailymotion and Metacafe. They can also visit the WikiHow page to learn pole dancing.

Because you learn about the style of dance that they do in that culture

dancing is really fun. if you go to a good dance studio you can learn moves and many types of dance such as lyrical, jazz, tap or ballet.

Cotton Eye Joe is a line dancing song. Everyone can dance it and learn it easily.

you can go to learn hip hop dancing by how you can take hip hop classes or go to your friends and family house by how you can ask them to help or teach you how to do some of the hip hop dances you don't know how to do

there are a lot of website where u can learn belly dancing..........well my suggestion will be downloading a belly dance video from Youtube..just so to WWW.Youtube .Com and type belly dance for begginers there are amazing videos waiting for you

There are several different places where one can learn line dancing from. Some of these places include a local community hall or centre, a local dance studio, or online (from YouTube videos and instructional videos purchased from Amazon).

The basic steps in irish dancing are the hops, skips and pounces. The basic dance is the easy reel. Hope it helped!

You don't! To be a good dancer, you have to have passion for dancing and move to the beat. But if you think you do, its because you want to improve your dancing and/or learn how to dance like a pro

If you want to learn how to belly dance you should take belly dancing classes.

learn Russian dancing and talk in a Russian accent. maybe grow a beard.

Go to a dance class or teach yourself there are many videos online to help you and dancing will keep you fit and burn those calories! So keep dancing and get fit!

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