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What do you like best being an administrative assistant?


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There are several things that people enjoy, when they are an administrative assistant, including being responsible for greeting people. Administrative assistants also enjoy helping their bosses stay organized.


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There are many things you may lie best about an administrative assistant position. You may like the leadership role for example.

The best part about being an administrative assistant is the variety. You never know what you will be doing from day to day. It is a highly responsible position.

an admin officer is like a personnel and logistics officer in one while the admin assistant is more of a secretary.

A person may like to work in a big corporation if they are an administrative assistant. The position could lead the person to be promoted because there are more positions available in larger corporations.

I would like to know how much can an Administrative Medical Assistance would make starting? I would like to know how much can an Administrative Medical Assistance would make starting?

no, the real thing is much more easier than being an assistant

If you would like information on administrative assistant jobs you should visit your local unemployment office. They will find companies that will hire you the position you want.

In the category of clerical jobs, reliable administrative assistants are in high demand. In fact, when a person becomes an administrative assistant he or she is joining a growing career field. Furthermore, administrative assistants are found in many different lines of work. The following contains information about the clerical job position of administrative assistant. An administrative assistant has a wide range of duties depending on the type of office he or she works in. For instance, an administrative assistant who works for a medical office may sign patients in, take their information, and organize patient's files. Alternatively, an administrative assistant who works in a public school may deliver mail to teachers' school mailboxes, type documents for the principal, answer the telephone, and make copies for staff members. In general, an administrative assistant helps an office or business to stay organized and run in the most efficient way possible. Some administrative assistants are skilled in a particular type of work. For example, some are legal secretaries, medical secretaries, or secretaries in a veterinarian's office. An administrative assistant should have at least a high school diploma. Fast and accurate typing skills are also a plus. Experience with office equipment including computer programs, fax machines, copiers, and several telephone lines is necessary for a person to experience success in the work of an administrative assistant. Not surprisingly, many administrative assistants learn important details while they are on the job. A person who'd like to specialize in the legal, medical, or another field will need additional education to learn the particular skills needed for the position. Finally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual salary of an administrative assistant (without a specialty) was $29,050 in May 2008. Naturally, this number varies from employer to employer. For example, an administrative assistant with special skills such as shorthand or who is bilingual would have more to offer an employer and could ask for a higher salary than the average candidate. Fortunately, many executives are looking for reliable, capable administrative assistants to help them fulfill their duties and are willing to pay a higher salary for a well-qualified candidate.

The best skill of a nursing assistant is not different the nurse because she also should be do like the nurse only different name.

The best schools to become a nursing assistant would be most higher end medical schools. However, more specifically, Ivy league schools like Harvard or Yale are the best option.

Some entry jobs would be things like administrative assistant. Sales particularly has good entry level jobs that offer quick advancement.

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Yes. Try walking dogs or being an assistant for something you like.

Many offices employ a range of professionals that work together to ensure that the office runs smoothly and efficiently. One type of such professional is an administrative assistant. Administrative assistants are professionals that perform a combination of clerical, secretarial, and managerial duties, in order to keep an office running as optimally as possible.What do Admin Assistant Jobs Consist Of?Administrative assistants are responsible for a range of daily tasks. These professionals commonly answer office phone calls, transfer client calls to the appropriate professional, and take detailed messages. Many administrative assistants efficiently handle multi-line telephones and take hundreds of phone calls each day, while completing other duties.Many administrative assistants also handle incoming and outgoing mail, as well as various mail delivery accounts. These professionals are also responsible for setting up meetings, managing office supplies, creating presentations, overseeing projects, and filing and organizing documents.Additionally, admin assistant jobs require that professionals have a range of computer and managerial skills. Most administrative assistants must be able to use e-mail, conduct internet research, and must be familiar with a number of computer programs, like Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel, or the equivalent. Some assistants may also oversee and train other office workers. However, these admin assistants generally have a few years of office experience and have earned their position.Who Are Admin Assistant Jobs Best Suited For?Admin assistant jobs are best for those that work well with others and thrive in a team-like atmosphere. Administrative assistants need to have excellent written and oral communication skills, as well as a pleasant disposition. These jobs are not well suited for those that lose their temper very easily, especially when working with others. Many administrative assistants deal with customers and clients on a daily basis, which means that they must be able to keep a professional demeanor at all times.A job as an administrative assistant generally requires that a prospect has a high school diploma or GED. These professionals are usually paid hourly, with starting pay anywhere from $8.00 to $15.00 an hour. Full time administrative assistants are commonly offered benefits and many have the opportunity to work overtime, which increases their earning potential. Fortunately, if approached with enthusiasm and a willingness to work, these positions often provide opportunities for advancement and lead to profitable careers.

Administrative Assistants are like Executive Secretaries. They perform a variety of functions in their role as executive support staff. In addition to basic secretarial duties, they are often responsible for ordering office supplies, scheduling work, planning meetings, taking minutes, making travel arrangements, taking dictation, transcription, and composing formal correspondence and reports. An administrative assistant career is a good fit for those interested in organizing offices, helping others, creating documents, typing, or talking on the telephone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about 4 million administrative assistants in 2010, making it one of the largest U.S. occupations. Administrative assistants are employed in various organizations, such as Schools, Hospitals, Government agencies, Legal offices, and Medical offices. Businesses of all sizes need good administrative assistants, especially those with strong computer skills, communication skills, and organizational abilities. Most administrative assistants work in an office, but with the popularity of telecommuting there are some opportunities to be a virtual assistant. Since this career currently has a large number of job listings, it is no surprise that it has a strong growth potential in the coming years.

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As a health care office assistant, I would like to work in the pediatrics department because I enjoy being around children and think it would be rewarding to be able to help them when they aren't feeling so well.

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you need to be able to handle the kids you may be working with. If you dont like kids or anything like that, then that would be a bad job for you. If you are naturally good with students and are a people-person, then being an educational assistant would be perfect for you.

Virtual assistants can be anywhere by internet and the services they provide range from professional administrative, technical, personal, or creative assistance. You as an employer do not have to worry about employee related cost. The best way to get virtual assistant obviously is internet and virtual assistant service provider websites.

Those who are a Special Project Assistant have a higher chance in becoming a Supervisor because it is like a training program in becoming one, it is the basics of what a Supervisor does, and the greatest thing that has happened to me while being a Special Project Assistant that it has indeed helped me become a Supervisor.

There is a wide variety of online courses that can be followed to become a medical office assistant. The best courses are tought by universities that offer an online course, like for example the anthem college.

i would like to know what are the best schools for being a pediatrician.

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