What do you mean by destruction of ecosystem?


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The destruction of an ecosystem involves interference with the natural state of an environment. This could mean killing animals and vegetation or introducing pollutants into the environment.

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The systematic destruction of a single ecosystem

Destruction of ecosystems is a serious problem. This includes taking resources from an ecosystem, like wood, resources, plants, and animals.

Many factors are involved in the destruction of an ecosystem. These may include deforestation, urbanization, industrialization, and harmful farming methods.

impact of ecosystem has caused a great imbalance in nature which later leads to loss of biodiversity

Ozone destruction is fatal fro ecosystem. It allows UV rays will destroy life on earth.

Long generation time from vegetation destruction.

natural ecosystem must not be ineterfered by man, destruction of natural ecosystems leads to a change in the natural conditions of that ecosystem, whereas the agroecosystems are manipulated by man.

Ecosystem destruction leads to the loss of animal and plant species, increased erosion and flooding, loss of soil nutrients, and reductions in water and air quality. There are additional impacts in terms of the loss of aesthetic value.

It means polluting and devastating the nature of sea and sea habitants

non-native species , and habitat destruction

The effects of man's activities in the ecosystem are the systematic destruction of the environment and loss of species.they cut trees or illegal logging

• Biodiversity is the assortment, or variety, of living things in an ecosystem.

people die because of them and also make forest fires

An ecosystem is an environment in which organisms are able to live.

What does the word diversty mean when you are talking about an aquatic ecosystem?

Because it can easily wipe out or destroy ecosystems along the path of destruction.

Marine or salt lake ecosystem is called salt water ecosystem .

Destruction means: The act of destroying or state of being destroyed(e.g. The storm brought destruction on the farm)

The main threat in the ecosystem is the habitat destruction of land. There is also a threat in the rivers because many people built canals and as a result the water in the rivers drained.

what do mean of human activities that disrupt the ecosystem

I think you mean who does belong? Everyone and everything belongs to the ecosystem.

Stop all human pollution and live like Indians that loved their land and the earth

The most serious impact is usually the destruction of trees and animal habitats.

using a machine, but we destroy the ecosystem because of noise pollution is the big destruction of the ecosystem, because we interrupt the communication of other animals and insects. jamokz

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