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In general the difference between series and shunt (or parallel) is that series is like a string of pearls, each one receives from a leading source and sends directly to a draining target (the current has to flow equally through all).

Parallel however is like a railroad track in that the source is one rail and the drain is the other rail with each of the ties pulling from one and pushing into the other regardless of what any of the other "ties" are doing (each has a completely separate current flow from the others).

In terms of regulation a series regulator would have to "block" some of the power going through it to the load in order to regulate it. A shunt or parallel regulator would have to "drop" or waste enough of the limited available power to restrict what would be left available to the load (or loads).

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What does an eighty-five Plymouth reliant station wagon regulator look like?

Assuming you mean the voltage regulator. Chrysler products of that era used the "One wire system". The voltage regulator is integral to the alternator.

Where is the voltage regulator on a Mazda Protege?

So does that mean my alternator is bad but I just bought two of them

How do you start voltage regulator in a Dodge ram 1990 van?

Ask your question again because I believe you mean a starter. I've never seen anyone start a voltage regulator.

Where is the external regulator for the alternator on a 77 dodge power wagon?

YOU MEAN THE VOLTAGE REGULATOR? The voltage regulator is basically a gatekeeper that will shut off the flow of juice to your battery if the voltage goes above a certain level, usually 14.5 volts. This keeps your battery from getting overcharged and cooked. They call it an external voltage regulator nowdays because newer alternators have them built into the alternator unit itself

Where is the voltage regulator for the instrument panel in a 1990 thunderbird?

Do you mean rheostat for brightness control of dash lights? Usually in the dimmer control switch Voltage regulator for engine operation--inside the alternator

What is the difference between a voltage divider circuit and voltage regulator I was told if the circuit consumes low current then the voltage divider can be used what does that mean?

A: that is true for less current a divider is OK it has to do with the series resistance and loading if the loading is forever fixed and the source is also fixed at a value then a divider can be used no matter what the current is.

What does it mean when the battery gauge reads high in your ford crown Victoria?

Voltage regulator is defective. Have it replaced or this will ruin your battery.

What does PQ and OR PD designation mean for an electronic part on a laptop motherboard?

PQ are voltage regulator chips for protection that ground voltage if short circuit is detected. Don't know what is PD

What does it mean when volt light is on?

The voltage light coming on indicates a problem. The system has determined that the voltage has become either too high or too low. This is most commonly a bad alternator or regulator.

What does it mean if 1990 Chrysler Imperial 'improper voltage' light comes on and the gauges all go crazy?

sounds like your alternator or voltage regulator is going out most auto zones can test them for free

Does the battery light comes on while driving andthe lights get brighter and the air blows harder mean that the voltage is too high?

Check with a voltmeter connected to the battery Voltage with engine running should be approx. 13.8-14.2 volts- above this could be a defective voltage regulator

What does it mean when the battery light is on in a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII?

In all probability the alternator is not charging as it should. It could be from a bad voltage regulator or the alternator being defective.

What is mean by regulator in electronics circuits?

A regulator holds something (e.g. voltage, current) in a circuit constant (aka regulates it), that otherwise would not stay constant as the circuit operates. Keeping this constant is critical to proper operation of the circuit, thus the need for its regulation.

What does voltage mean?

Voltage is

What can be said about the current if more devices are added in series and battery voltage does not change?

By devices, assume you mean resistances. When you add more R to a series ckt, I decreases.

What does charging system mean?

All cars have a battery make the electrical components function. The charging system consists of a battery,starter an alternator and a voltage regulator. The battery turns the starter over causing the engine to run. As the engine is running the alternator produces electricityto keep it running. The voltage regulator keeps the current regulated so that the battery does not overcharge. ok, the forst answer was nearly correct except the starter motor is not part of the charging systm. the charging sytem consists of, the battery, the alternator,or generator,and thevoltage regulator. the voltage regulator is sometimes built into the alternator on newer cars ,where as they all used to be an extra equipment bolted onto firewall or inside fender

What does regulator mean in biology?

a substance that governs a reaction or processExamples of regulatorThe pancreas is the main regulator of blood sugar levels.

Is the dc shunt motor does not have any brushes?

No. A d.c. 'shunt' motor is one whose stator's field windings are connected in parallel with its rotor windings ('shunt' is simply an archic term for 'parallel'); it does not mean that the rotor can function without brushes.

How can I drop voltage from 19.5 volts to 18.5 volts?

You might consider a resistive voltage-divider, using two resistors (tap output from between them), or using a voltage regulator circuit that you can adjust with precision for your purpose (e.g., LM340), depending upon whether you mean DC or AC voltage and what size load you might be servicing. For a voltage divider, check the wikipedia page for how to calculate the ratio of resistors.

What is the ratio of rms load voltage to mean load voltage?

The mean load voltage, in other words the average voltage, is zero in an ac system.

What dos the voltage sign mean?

The voltage sign is V which mean volt

What is mean by thresold voltage?

the device oprates on the minimum voltage. in this voltage is called threshold voltage.

What does it mean if your 93 Pontiac Sunbird le runs fine for about a week and then fries your battery?

Check the voltage level from the alternator. Overvoltage is about the only thing that can "fry" a battery. If the voltage is much above 14.5 V, the regulator INSIDE the alternator has failed. The only choice is to replace the alternator.

What does it mean when the battery gauge reads high in my ford F-150?

When your battery gage reads high, it means that your voltage regulator is shot. Your voltage is too high. You are about to wreck your battery and some of your electronics. You are facing an extremely expensive repair job if you do not get a fairly inexpensive part fixed.

What does charge system mean on a 1992 ford aerostar?

The Charging system includes the alternator, either an internal or external voltage regulator, a charge indicator, the battery, a fusible link, and the wiring between all of the components.

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