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This term generally occurs in reference to stone tools. An edge can be put on a stone by striking it with another stone in a precise way; however, more delicate shaping can be achieved by gradually increasing the pressure on the stone in a very small area, using something pointy like an antler prong. This is pressure flaking.
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What does it mean if you have high blood pressure?

There are many reasons one could have high blood pressure. Being overweight, and kidney disease are just two explanations. It is best to consult your doctor. Chronic high blood pressure is known as the silent killer because if it isn't treated it can lead to all sorts of problems like heart disease. ( Full Answer )

What does Air Pressure mean?

Air pressure is the amount of air pushing down on you over a given area. In weather reports it is generally based on 14.7 lb/in 2 as "normal". It rises or lowers with high or low systems and predicts changes in weather such as storms. many household barometers measure air pressure and have an indic ( Full Answer )

What does it mean low oil pressure?

All car engines have oil pumps in them to force the oil to circulate through the dozens of moving parts in the engines. This keeps the metal-to-metal friction of the moving parts at a minimum and also helps to reduce heat. Less friction and less heat extend the life of the engine. If the oil level i ( Full Answer )

What does pressure mean?

As a noun, pressure means a exertion of force by a body over another. It also means a force that compels someone to act, for example, moral or coercive pressure. As a verb it means to compel or force.

What is mean arterial pressure?

the pressure of the circulating blood on the arteries; "arterial pressure is the product of cardiac output and vascular resistance"

What do blood pressure numbers mean?

The two numbers that measure your blood pressure are written like a fraction: one number on top and one on the bottom -- for example, 128/82. The number on top is called the "systolic pressure." Systolic Blood Pressure measures the pressure inside your blood vessels at the moment your heart beats. T ( Full Answer )

What does pressurized mean?

In a space that is "pressurized," the air pressure has been made higher than it would be naturally. This is accomplished by forcing (pumping) air into the space. A common application is in aircraft, where, to allow normal breathing, the cabin air pressure has to be higher than the "thin" (low-pressu ( Full Answer )

Meaning of air pressure?

When air is squeezed into a smaller space it is pressurized like in a tire. Typically measured in psi or pounds per square inch above normal atmospheric.

What does flakes of hay mean?

A Flake of hay is a 3 to 4 inches thick (typically, but can be thinner) and is made as the hay is baled. The baler picks up clumps or patches of hay and compresses them into bales in layers. Once the bale is finished it is tied up into a neat rectangular package. When you cut the ties on the hay it ( Full Answer )

What do the numbers mean in blood pressure?

The top number mean it is the sylystic pressure. The bottom one means the number of blood between the heart beats. Kashmere, Alex, Nathan, Titayona, Jayla, London, Amber, Kiara:My Best Friends

What does 1012 MB pressure mean?

mb is a unit of measurement for pressure, 1 mb is 0.001 bar. mb is an abbreviation for millibar 1 bar is roughly atmospheric pressure

What does falling barometric pressure mean?

Hi Falling barometric pressure means the atmosphere at the barometer is becoming less heavy. It also generally means a storm of some sort is coming with inclement weather. Here's a link to use for using a barometer and clouds to forecast the weather: http://web2.iadfw.net/danb1/clouds.htm

What is pressure behind the eye mean?

Eye pressure (intraocular pressure) is controlled by a watery fluid called aqueous humour, which fills the front part of the eye. This fluid is made in the ciliary body (a ring of tissue behind the coloured part of the eye, which is called the iris). It flows through the pupil and drains away throug ( Full Answer )

What does 'live in a pressure cooker' mean?

One meaning of the expression "pressure cooker" is a situation orplace that causes anxiety or difficulties. A pressure cooker is a pot that is locked down to apply pressure tothe cooking food. This term means that the people are locked into acloseness and cannot get out of the situation, so that e ( Full Answer )

What does head pressure mean in plumbing?

the weight of the water above. . water in a 1" pipe 100' tall is 43 psi @ base of pipe. . water in a 50' tank 100' tall is 43 psi @ base of tank. . h x .434 = psi

What a lower diastolic pressure means?

This is the resting pressure of the circulatory system. This is the pressure available in the circulatory system when the heart is at rest. There is either too little fluid in the vascular system or too few particles. You must have pressure even during the resting period for proper cell perfusion ( Full Answer )

What does low oil pressure mean?

It means exactly what it says, low oil pressure. This means you should not drive this vehicle until you get the problem corrected. The oil pressure is not high enough to safely operate the engine. Otherwise you will have severe engine damage.

What does positive peer pressure mean?

Tis means the people you are around you bring out the best in you they make you wnt to do the right thing so evryone an be happy.

What does blood pressure readings mean?

the pressure exerted from blood on the arterial walls. For the same reason you don't run fire hose pressure through a garden hose, you don't want high blood pressure either.

What blood pressure readings means?

Blood vessels are the part of the circulatory system which transports blood throughout the body. Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure exerted by circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels. It means blood pressure is the speed of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels.

What does it mean when blood pressure spikes?

A sudden spike in blood pressure is usually nothing to worry aboutif you have normal blood pressure to begin with. It can be a signof exertion, stress, or anxiety and will usually fall within a fewminutes.

What does weather inches in pressure mean?

Air pressure measured in inches of mercury indicates the level to which a column of mercury rises after being set to a standard pressure initially. One end of the bent mercury tube is closed off, preserving the pressure that existed at the time the tube was closed. Changes in the level of mercury on ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when the air in airplanes are pressurized?

The air in an aircraft needs to be pressurised so that the people within the cabin don't pass-out from oxygen starvation at higher altitudes. The atmosphere can be described as a load of blankets wrapped around the world, the bottom layer has all the weight from above and is squashed, but as you go ( Full Answer )

What does pear pressure mean?

you get pussed into something you dont want to do and there is 2 types of pear pressure un spoken and spoken they are both nasty

Does Pa mean Pounds of Pressure?

Pa is an SI (metric) unit of pressure. 1 Pa - 1 kg/(m-s 2 ) or 1 N/m 2 . N is Newton, which is 1 kg m/s 2 . English units of pressure can be psi (pounds per square inch, or lbs/in 2 ), psf (pounds per square foot, lbs/ft 2 ) , or some other unit of force divided by an area. Pascal (unit)

What does energy pressure mean?

Pressure energy per unit volume is equal to the pressure and per unit mass is equal to the density of the liquid. When an incompressible liquid flows out of a tank in which the pressure is maintained , the liquid under pressure possesses potential energy.

What does the harmful peer pressure mean?

the peer pressure that can harm someone else like smoking or doing cocaine or drinking and convincing someone there fine things that can lead to death

What does it mean if you lose pressure on your clutch?

Can mean a few things. Low hydraulic fluid( brake fluid) in clutch master cylinder, worn clutch disc, needs bleed, slave cylinder slowly losing seal, seals in master cylinder, linkage problem. It could go forever but it is probably just the clutch disk material. To sum it up it means take it to the ( Full Answer )

What does pressure mean in chemistry?

pressure in chemistry means rate of reaction (gas pressure) when a plunger is used to compress the state of gas particles, making the particles closer together therefore increasing the chance of collision and the rate of reaction. Hope this helped :)

In Emily Dickinson's poem They dropped like flakes - what does across the June mean?

First, most of her biographers say this poem was influenced by the Civil War, and she points out the irony of so many sudden deaths, comparing them to other transient things in nature --like flakes, like stars, like petals from a rose. The men were here, and now, suddenly, they are gone. They perish ( Full Answer )

What does Systolic Pressure and Diastolic pressure mean?

Systolic pressure is the peak pressure in the arteries, which occurs near the end of the cardiac cycle when the ventricles are contracting.. Diastolic pressure is the minimum pressure in the arteries, which occurs near the beginning of the cardiac cycle when the ventricles are filled with blood..

What does high pressure mean?

High Pressure in Meteorology means that Air Pressure is High, which keeps clouds from forming, which also means you will get great weather from this system.

What is pressure mean?

Pressure = Force / Area It's basically the force applied to something over the amount of area that force is applied on to. This means that smaller plate with the same weight as another plate will sink further into mud. Hope that helped :)

What does blood pressure reading means?

To push a fluid mixture such as blood through tubes pressure(force) must be applied, in the case of blood the pressure isapplied by the heart. Blood pressure has two readings systolic and diastolic. Systolicpressure it the higher pressure. It actually pushes the bloodthrough the blood vessels when ( Full Answer )

What does water pressure mean?

Water pressure refers to the pressure of water in a system. In a home it will be 30-50 psi typically and this is governed by the municipal pressure or by a well tank.

What water pressure mean?

What pressure per square inch water is. -In a typical home on city water you have a PRV set to 50-70 psi

What does vapor pressure mean in science?

When a liquid sits, because of the laws of kinetics, some of the liquid's molecules at the very top escape and become gaseous molecules. This gas exerts a force of pressure on the liquid, and this is known as vapor pressure.

What does 1 atmosphere of pressure mean?

'Standard' atmospheric pressure is defined as 1013.25 millibars -which is equivalent to 760mm (or 29.92 inches) of mercury - or14.696 psi.