Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What do you need Red Chain for?

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if u what to beat the game u have to go to red chain and catch a lgendary Pokemon

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How do you get the red chain in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't get the red chain in Pokemon diamond and you don't even need it.

Where do you get the red chain?

i want you to tell me where you get the red chain is PLEASE

When one vehicle is towing another with a chain what does the chain need to have displayed on it?

There must be a red flag of some sorts mounted on the chain at least halfway between the vehicles, if the chain is over 20 feet 2 flags would be better. The flag can be a shop towel or red plastic, or just something of a bright red or red/ orange coloring.

What is the food chain of the red sea?

IDK!!! But i have a science project due and i really need the answer!!IT IS IN THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN SO THERE'S YOUR ANSWER.

What does the red chain do in Pokemon fire red?

Why would it do somthing in fire red? the red chain is from the ds game Pokemon fire red is a gba

What do you do with the red chain if you have it?

Actually, the red chain is a non-trainer hold item. You can't use it; only Cyrus has it. However, there is a WyRig (NOT ACTION REPLAY) code for obtaining a red chain. Unfortunately, it has ever since been removed from the codelist, so you practically can't do anything with a red chain.

How do you change timing belt on dodge caliber?

It has a timing chain that does not need service.It has a timing chain that does not need service.

Where is the red wolf's place on the food chain?

The red wolf is an apex predator so is at the very top of the food chain.

Where does the red fox fit in the food chain?

The red fox is a secondary consumer.

Do you need to change a timing chain?

you don't need to replace the timing chain until it becomes noisy

Do you need a new chain for a smaller chain wheel on your bmx?

No, you can just cut your chain with a chain breaker or just take it to a shop and they will do it for you.

How do you beat level 4 Inca civilballs 2?

Drop the red civiball closest to the right side of the screen. Cut the left chain of the gray civiball, then the right chain, then cut the chain of the green civiball. To finish the level, cut the chain of the remaining red civiball.

What does the red chain do in Pokemon Platinum?

The red chain has no use. It is supposed to awaken Palkia/Dialga but they awaken on their own. Consider it a "key" since it has no reuse. And normally it is unobtainable.

Does a timing chain need maintenance?

a timing belt needs maintenance, but a chain does not.

Where is red fox on the food chain?

The red fox is a secondary consumer and an omnivore.

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