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What do you need for an underage marriage in Texas?

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Parental permission. Ask the marriage license department in your local county court house.

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In the state of Texas can you petition the judge for underage marriage?


Do both parents have to sign for an underage marriage in Texas?


Do parents have to consent to underage marriage if the bride is pregnant?

Not for the underage bride.However, if the male is underage he will need his parents permission.Besides in FL.

In Indiana do you need consent from both parents for underage marriage?

just one

Can underage military personnel drink in Texas?

Nope- you need to be 21, podner.

History of underage marriage?

Unless the bride is pregnant, than no, you just need proof of the pregnancy. Yes.

What state doesn't need parental consent for underage marriage?

None of them and in some you also need the courts permission apart from your parents.

Do you need permission from both sets of parents or just one for an underage marriage?

It probably depends on the state, but I would say any underage person trying to get married is going to need permission from their parents. Both the bride and groom will need permission.

Does your guardian have to be present at court for underage marriage?

yes they do

If the girl is 15 but has a baby is it legal for her to get married in the state of North Carolina?

In NC a pregnant 15-year-old can ask for court approval to marry. A judge may approve the marriage if they find that 'the underage party is capable of assuming the responsibilities of marriage and the marriage will serve the best interest of the underage party'. However, be aware that there is a presumption that 'the marriage will not serve the best interest of the underage party when all living parents of the underage party oppose the marriage. The fact that the female is pregnant, or has given birth to a child, alone does not establish that the best interest of the underage party will be served by the marriage'. So if Mom and Dad oppose the marriage...

How far in advance do you need to get a marriage certificate for A wedding ceremony in Texas?

In Texas there's a 72 hour waiting period from when you get a marriage license to when you can use it.

In Mississippi can you get marriage underage without parent consent?

No, you can't.

What are the laws regarding underage marriage in Ontario Canada?


What do I do if my name is misspelled on Texas marriage license?

If your name is misspelled on a Texas marriage license, you will need to go to the courthouse where the license was given. They will be able to fix the mistake.

Are you considered an adult if you get married underage with parent consent?

Parental consent has nothing to do with the laws in place. If you are underage by the laws view, you are still underage. if you wonder if marriage emancipates you, yes it does.

Can an underage person with one legal parent get married in a church?

It depends on the church. The underage person person will need parental permission to get a marriage license, which is necessary to get married.

Does Oregon Allow Underage marriage?

You can marry with parental consent at 16

Where in Alabama can underage marriage take place without parental consent?

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If a Texas resident is married in Israel will the marriage be considered legal in Texas?

If the marriage is performed properly, with all the papers that are required. Then the marriage done by a pastor with a marriage lison , then the marriage will be valid in Texas.

Can you use a Texas marriage license in calfornia?

No. You will need to get a marriage license from the state you wish to have your ceremony. In Texas, you will both need to appear together at any county clerk's office in Texas for your license. You do not need to be a resident. There is a 72 hour waiting period for the ceremony. In California, like Texas, both need to apply together at the county clerk's office and you do not need to be residents of the state. Unlike Texas, there is no waiting period to have your ceremony. Best of luck!

Can you use a Texas marriage license in Florida?

No. You can only use a Texas marriage license in the State of Texas, and a Florida marriage license in the State of Florida.

Where do you apply for a marriage license in Dallas Texas?

You can get a marriage license at the Dallas County Courthouse. You will need to fill out a form and pay for the license.

What are some good titles for essays dealing with underage marriage?

I am now in 6 form and got an a for the tiltle itself. I called mine Underage Accounts

Does pregnancy make underage marriage easier?

In some cases yes. If you are both underage he will need parents permission.In most states a female can marry without parental consent if she is pregnant.Only in Florida can a male who is underage and expecting a child can marry the mother of that child.However, if you are not pregnant, please do not try to get pregnant just to get married.There is no guaruntees.

Do you need permission from both sets of parents or just one for an underage marriage in New Mexico?

This is an easy answer. You need Permission from both your parents. That's how its been in America for over 50 years!!!!

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