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Gang Problem

I'm in a gang and you don't have to kill anyone to get in you do get beat up but its to initiate you not to see if you can make it through the beating and it isn't to get revenge either they are just a group of friends that you've known or got to know real well and will be by your side till the end.

Imress a Gang

If you really want to be in a group, you need to impress whos ever the leader of the gang. I'm in a gang and everyone always wants to be in the gang, too. So everyone says lies about them like "I have went to Paris before," But don't lie. Say somthing about yourself that you think that will impress the leader.


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i think gangs fight becuase the want have power over othe gangs

Yes, but their roles vary from group to group.

A group of spirits are gangs that are going to haunt you.

Many people join gangs to obtain protection from other gangs or to have a community network. Other reasons to join a gang are community affinity, sense of self in the community, networking, and being a part of a group.

I don't think there are any gangs in Muskogee,I just think there are a lot of want a be.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Need: Humans need Belonging & High Self - esteem. Gangs help give people a sense of belonging

Why would you want children to join gangs?! Most gangs are dealing with drugs,violence and robbery. Those aren't acceptable.

knoe people join gangs because they want to be cool

i think gangs should be illega because the are group of bad people like rob the baanks and stealing and being aggresive

they bully because they just want money

Not by laws, but by making social conditions good enough that youngsters don't feel the need to join gangs.

because there is no need for that much violence to ring out in an already dangerous city

Pony boy doesn't like gangs. The only reason he is in the greasers is because he doesn't want to feel leftout.

Well...not a culture but an independent religious group. By saying religious, im not referring to any biblical reference. It is because they believe' the rituals of gangs

Meerkats are the territorial type that live in groups called gangs. As with most territorial, group-based animals, their biggest competetors are other gangs of meerkats.

Other gangs will want to try and kill you. If you betray your gang they will want to kill you. People who aren't in gangs won't like you. Your family will be in danger. You will end up doing things you don't or might not want to do.

one group liked pumpkin pie the other people didn't

Cause they dont want to get killed.

The word 'join' is a verb (join, joins, joining, joined); to connect two things, to become a member of something.The word 'gangs' is a noun, the plural form for the singular noun gang; a word for a group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit; group of people who associate regularly on a social basis; a group of laborers organized together on one job.As an imperative sentence, "Join gangs.", the subject 'you' is implied, join is the verb, and gangs is the direct object of the verb.

No one invented gangs. They just come about. Humans have formed gangs since before civilization began. Because of our primal nature, one of our basic instincts is to join and stay in a group for protection and aid. Almost all primates do the same. Even in modern times, this trait is still there in all of us. This means that gangs form when a group of people are in an unfamiliar environment and seek protection in the company of others like them.

Well, the word gang technically means a group of people. If there isn't a group, than it is called a person, not a gang.

i†s a group of bad people that break crimes and work together to do them

no we need to do more no, we need more!

no they just want to shoot things.

Gangs are a group a people who live on the streets and commit crimes like: graffiti, robbing stores, robbing houses, steeling cars, and drinking, smoking, and do drugs under age. Gangs fill a need in a youth culture that experiences a void. They feel like a group where you can belong in a world that has rejected or ignored you. Unfortunately, gangs are a negative influence, they destroy lives and any potential for a young person involved, and make neighborhoods a harsh and fearful place. Older members are those that have no hope of having a normal life, have not learned how to function in society, and often enjoy the power of manipulating the younger generation. Gangs don't benefit the individual or the community and in most cases bring both down.

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