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What do you need to be a pharmacist?

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February 01, 2010 5:35PM

Pharmacists are the most sought out healthcare professional.A pharmacist is a medicical professional who, if graduated from an accredited school of pharmacy, holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. This is the highest degree awarded in the profession. Pharmacists are knowledgable about medications and there effect on the body. To be a great pharmacists, you would need to do well in chemistry and cellular biology as pharmacy school is 50% organic chemistry and 20% cellular biology. Pharmacists are able to use there chemistry knowledge and be able to figure out how medications will interact with other medications of similar chemical structure. Pharmacists do more than count pills. Pharmacists know how medicines work, what to recommend for child vs. adults, how to calculate the correct dose, which drugs interact. Pharmacists also have to have great people skills as teaching patients or doctors how to take their medications daily is 100% of the job. So to be successfull in pharmacy plan ahead and take classes that help build your skills in the sciences and public speaking. Check out programs like Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences or South Carolina School of Pharmacy for more indeapth information.