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What do you need to become a rapper?

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2009-10-29 13:00:52


Contrary to some opinions, rapping is not just 'talking


Rappers need to have an extremely good grasp of

language, word play, rhyme, alliteration, similes and

metaphors. Rappers are the common day poets of our society.

Rappers need to develop their 'flow' and delivery. Their

'flow' is the type of tone and voice the rapper chooses when

rapping their lyrics. For one example of a rapper's flow listen to

the rapper known as Twista. Twista was (at one point) listed in the

Guiness Book of World Records as the Fastest Rapper. Twista chose a

very fast delivery and hard tone for his songs.

Rappers must also develop excellent breath control. If

you've ever attempted to rap along with the music and ran out of

breath before the artist....that's why.

you need not to give up if you do something wrong in a song

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