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I'm afraid you need to clean the whole system out. This is a job for a garage as they have to drain the fuel tank and clean it out. Then they have to flush the fuel lines all the way to the injectors and finally change the fuel filter(s). Diesel fuel is not the same as gasoline and works completely differently. They don't "mix". Sorry.

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โˆ™ 2004-08-23 07:01:46
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Q: What do you need to do if you accidentally put diesel fuel in your gasoline car and it will not crank now?
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Does diesel engines run on diesel fuel or gasoline fuel?

Diesel engines run on diesel fuel. Gasoline will destroy a diesel engine.

Is diesel oil unleaded?

Diesel fuel does not have lead added, but it is not the same as unleaded gasoline.Diesel fuel does not have lead added, but it is not the same as unleaded gasoline.

Does diesel fuel float on gas?

Diesel fuel mixes with gasoline.

If diesel fuel instead of gasoline was used accidentally would filling station insurance company be responsible?

If they filled the vehicle, sure.

Can regular engines run on diesel fuel?

Gasoline engines cannot run on diesel. Only a diesel engine can run diesel. And a diesel engine cannot run on gasoline.

If you accidentally put unleaded gasoline in a diesel engine and then drain the fuel out is there anything else that you have to do before refilling with diesel?

no... a diesel will run a lot better on gasoline than a gasoline motor will run on diesel... If you fill it with diesel fuel you should have no problems Correct. You should not have any problems after draining tank and refilling. If you started the vehicle or tried to start the vehicle it may not be a bad idea to change the fuel filter. If you ran the vehicle on the diesel - gasoline mix until it died before you realized what happened it is possible (but not likely) to have internal damage; but at this point there is nothing you can do but drain the fuel, change filter, refuel, and see what happens.

Will your car run on diesel fuel?

only if it has a diesel engine. A gasoline engine will not run properly on diesel fuel.

What fuel do hovercrafts use?

Usually gasoline or diesel fuel.

What is diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel is the kind of fuel used by diesel engines. Its a combustible fuel refined from crude oil - just as is gasoline - but diesel has a much higher flash point than gasoline. Its grade is measured in cetane rather than octane

What could happen if you put diesel fuel in a flex fuel engine?

Flex fuel does not mean you can use diesel. It means the engine can run on pure gasoline or on E85 gasoline. If you put diesel in this vehicle it simply will not run. Diesel can only be used in a diesel engine.

Is a gasoline-diesel fuel a good mixture to get more power from a diesel engine?

not at all. that will cause engine damage. gasoline burns at a much lower temperature than diesel fuel so you will get pre ignition. diesel fuel has more useable power in than gasoline. gasoline is rated in octane and diesel fuel is rated in cetane. with diesel fuel the higher the cetane the faster the fuel will burn for a more complete combustion. so if you want more power from a diesel a place to start is a higher cetane diesel fuel. but things like bigger trubos, vgt turbos, injectors, intercoolers have a much bigger effect on power than fuel

Is it legal to swap from gas to diesel?

You cannot burn diesel fuel in a gasoline engine period. A gasoline engine will not run on diesel. So legality is a mute point. A gasoline engine and diesel engine are totally different in design and the way fuel is burned. The fuels are not interchangeable.

What fuel does a hybrid use?

They use gasoline or diesel.

Will gasoline and diesel fuel mix together?


What do you do when you put petrol into a diesel Renault megane tourer?

You MUST drain the fuel tank and get all the gasoline out of all the fuel lines. Gasoline will damage a diesel engine.

What will happen when gasoline is filled in diesel engine?

You will destroy a diesel engine if you run gasoline in it. Do not even start the engine. You will have to drain the fuel tank, and all fuel lines.

Why petrol cannot be used in diesel engines and vice versa?

Diesel fuel is used in diesel engines as a partial lubricant. It also has a high flash point due the fact that diesel engines ignite the fuel by compression rather than spark. A gasoline engine on the other hand fires the fuel by spark and the fuel has a lower flash point. Gasoline has no lubricating qualities whatsoever. Diesel engines are designed to run on diesel fuel and the use of gasoline in a diesel engine will destroy it. Gasoline engines on the other hand will not even run on diesel but no damage will be done to the engine. You will however have to drain the fuel tank and flush out the fuel lines.

What fuels are made from petroleum?

Gasoline, kerosene (jet fuel) and diesel fuel

How do you tell the difference between diesel fuel and unleaded gasoline?

the color and diesel is oily.

Can diesel fuel vapours get into a gasoline engine?

Only if you put diesel in gas tank.

Availability of diesel fuel in Mexico?

Most gas stations in Mexico serve unleaded gasoline as well as diesel fuel.

What happens when you put in diesel fuel instead of regular unleaded gasoline?

The answer to the question of: "What happens when you put in diesel gas instead of regular unleaded?" is this...Diesel fuel (engines) rely on compression to ignite it. It isn't necessarily flammable.Gasoline relies on a spark from a spark plug. Diesel engines have a higher compression ratio than gasoline engines do, and thus provide more torque to the drivetrain (that's why 18 wheelers use diesel engines, instead of gasoline engines).So, if you put diesel fuel into a gasoline engine, there's not nearly enough compression to ignite the fuel. Probably the only thing that would happen is that your gasoline car or truck would run very rough for a time before all of the diesel fuel runs out.If you accidentally put diesel fuel into a gasoline fuel tank, the best thing to do is siphon it out.Finally, I can't imagine anyone accidentally putting diesel into a gas car since the diesel nozzle at the pump is a lot bigger than the gasoline nozzle...and it's that way for a reason. ;-)Though it does still happen every day when people fill up their cars without thinking exactly what they doing...For more information please see the answer to the Related Question shown below.I did this stupid thing today. It costs me 800 USD in the Toyota dealer. I did some internet search earlier. It would cost a lot fewer if you go other places. It would be no more than 500 USD. Be aware of this. Good luck!

What is the substance that gasoline jet fuel and diesel are made from?


What do cars run on fuel?

Gasoline, Diesel, CNG, LPG.

Can you use alcohol as gas to crank my car?

I wouldn't recommend it, even though technically speaking ethanol is basically alcohol. Just stick to regular gasoline or diesel fuel.