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I'm afraid you need to clean the whole system out. This is a job for a garage as they have to drain the fuel tank and clean it out. Then they have to flush the fuel lines all the way to the injectors and finally change the fuel filter(s). Diesel fuel is not the same as gasoline and works completely differently. They don't "mix". Sorry.

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โˆ™ 2004-08-23 07:01:46
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Q: What do you need to do if you accidentally put diesel fuel in your gasoline car and it will not crank now?
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Does diesel engines run on diesel fuel or gasoline fuel?

Diesel engines run on diesel fuel. Gasoline will destroy a diesel engine.

Does diesel fuel float on gas?

Diesel fuel mixes with gasoline.

If diesel fuel instead of gasoline was used accidentally would filling station insurance company be responsible?

If they filled the vehicle, sure.

What fuel do hovercrafts use?

Usually gasoline or diesel fuel.

Will your car run on diesel fuel?

only if it has a diesel engine. A gasoline engine will not run properly on diesel fuel.

Can regular engines run on diesel fuel?

Gasoline engines cannot run on diesel. Only a diesel engine can run diesel. And a diesel engine cannot run on gasoline.

Is diesel oil unleaded?

Diesel fuel does not have lead added, but it is not the same as unleaded gasoline.Diesel fuel does not have lead added, but it is not the same as unleaded gasoline.

What is diesel fuel?

Diesel fuel is the kind of fuel used by diesel engines. Its a combustible fuel refined from crude oil - just as is gasoline - but diesel has a much higher flash point than gasoline. Its grade is measured in cetane rather than octane

If you accidentally put unleaded gasoline in a diesel engine and then drain the fuel out is there anything else that you have to do before refilling with diesel?

no... a diesel will run a lot better on gasoline than a gasoline motor will run on diesel... If you fill it with diesel fuel you should have no problems Correct. You should not have any problems after draining tank and refilling. If you started the vehicle or tried to start the vehicle it may not be a bad idea to change the fuel filter. If you ran the vehicle on the diesel - gasoline mix until it died before you realized what happened it is possible (but not likely) to have internal damage; but at this point there is nothing you can do but drain the fuel, change filter, refuel, and see what happens.

Why is diesl fuel so muck higher then gasoline?

Diesel fuel is usually expensive than gasoline because, diesel undergoes many expensive processes in the refinery than gasoline.

Will gasoline and diesel fuel mix together?


Are gasoline and diesel fuel both made from coal?


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