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Most states will allow for a bill of sale to be sufficient for a transaction. Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state and explain the situation. They will have the necessary forms to accommodate your request.

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Q: What do you need to do since you am unable to find your title and someone wants to but it Can you apply for a title and it come back to her?
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Signature was forged on an auto title?

If someone signs someone elses name on the title that means the title is forged. For example if i sign your name one the title that means its forged. So i advise if someone forges a name on the title call DMV and ask how to apply for a Duplicate Title, the Duplicate title will state that your the original owner of the Vehicle and since the original title has a forged signature on it means its NULL AND VOID, so its good for the garbage So go and get the Duplicate title, that's proof of ownership

Can you use a number in the title of a book?

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How do you get a lost title for a car I am unable to relocate the person that I bought the car from. So I can't get them to apply for another title. What can I do?

call where ever you get your license plates at and they can tell you,they will give you a paper and you will have to have the vehicle inspected,take the paper back to them notorized,then you will get a title

If someone used a title loan company can they recover their title since it has been 4 years ago?

im sorry i dont know its just since im a memmber i have to answer all these qestions

You lost your car title what to do?

Apply to your state's Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) for a duplicate or replacement title. If you have a loan on your vehicle, the DMV may be unable to give you (the owner) the title. Link to which states provide titles to owners even with liens:

Where can someone apply for a UFC ring girl job?

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How do you apply apply for lost title?

Go to your local courthouse. They can tell you.

Where can someone find title insurance jobs?

One can find title insurance jobs available to be applied for on sites such as Apply Direct, Indeed, Jobsearch, Careers.firstam, Toll Career Center and Simply Hired.

How do you get a title for an abandoned car in Miami OK?

apply for a salvage or lost title at the department of motor vehicles

You bought a car with a salvage title you lost the title what should you do?

Apply for a replacement title through your state DMV.

How can you get a title to acar with no title?

Apply to the state DMV for a lost title. You may need proof of ownership or abandonment.

Can a car be protected from creditors if it is in default and the title is transferred to someone else?

Your creditor most likely holds the car title and/or there is a lien on your title. So, you will be unable to transfer title without paying the lien. The easiest thing to do is to bring your payments up to date and then to sell the car if payments are too high for you to manage on a regular basis.

What can you do if you lost your car title?

Visit you local tag office and apply for a replacement title.

Bill of sale and no title what do you do?

Apply for a bonded title. I can help with that 832 683 1443

How do get a copy of your car title?

You can apply for it at the DMV.

When do you have to apply for a new title?

35 year

If a car has a New Jersey Salvage title would you have to get the salvage inspection done in NJ or could you do it in NY to get the reconstructed title?

depends on where you live, if you live in NY then you need to transfer the title to a NY salvage title. Then, you can apply for a reconstructed title there. Here in NJ, dont have a "reconstructed title". you have to apply for a salvage inspection so that theyll give you a clear title.

How do you obtain a boat title in Illinois if that boat was given to me for free with no title?

you have to go back to original owner and have them apply for lost title

I need to apply for a lost title but how do you find a VIN number if you have a lost title and the VIN number is not located on the vehicle at all in order to apply for the lost title?

call your dmv, or insurance company call your dmv, or insurance company

I there someone around that will give a motorcycle title loan ?

“I there someone around that will give a motorcycle title loan ”

How do you sell a car if you dont have the title?

In most states, just go to your DMV and apply for a duplicate title.

How do you get a copy of a Illinois title for motorcycle?

Get yourself down to the Secretary of State facility and apply for a duplicate title.

How can you get your car title?

Titles are issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles. You need to apply for a title by proving ownership. The State will then mail you your new title.

Do you need title for 71 model vehicle?

Yes, you most certainly do. If there is no title then apply for a duplicate at your local DMV.

Can a dealer you are purchasing from sell to you if you have lost your title?

Answer: I take it you are talking about a trade in. You or the dealer will have to apply for a lost title.. simple.