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What do you need to do to be famous?

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Learn How Too Handle Drugs And Get Sexed Up ;)

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What do you need to become famous?

All you need to be famous is to dream well and work well.

Who is a famous black pediatric nurse?

i need a famous black pediatrician

How could you be able to become famous?

Do you mean famous or infamous? For the former, you need some talent; for the latter, you need no scruples.

Who does producers need to make famous?

Producers need to make their hero, heroines and all the crew famous. It is required for proper promotion of the movie.

How do you text famous people on the phone?

You would need that 'famous persons' phone number.

When people first became famous what do they need?

When people become famous, they need to plan how positively they can use that fame to be successful and impact on the lives of their fans.

What need not to know?

"You need not to know" was a line from of Shakespeare's famous plays-A Midsummer's Night.

If you live in Kentucky and you can sing how do you get famous?

You need to get a manager/agent, but mostly you need to be lucky

Who is the famous Australian sportsman?

There are and have been many famous Australian sportsmen and women. You need to be more specific.

Do people need money to be famous?

Money is one of the component that can make people famous. It is however not a requirement.

Where did Aristotle become famous?

please answer!! i need it for a report!!

Why to be famous you need to get your soul and put to the devil?

You cannot.

Why is becoming famous so hard?

Because you either need talent or need to be hugely rich...and you defiantly need to be gorgeous.

What exactly do you need to be a famous actor?

You need talent, as well as training, experience, and a talent agent.

Is chess famious?

If you mean famous then you are right because chess is famous. It is a game where you need to use your brain to win.

What famous people have overcome great obstacles diseases?

Famous people need to be strong to achieve their goals in life.

Who are the people that are famous on fantage?

You need to look on Hall of fame on fantage. That is were all the famous people are right now.

Who is a famous person who helps animals in need?

Betty White

Do I need to learn an instrument or can I just get famous through singing?

You don't NEED to know how to play an istrument, but the most famous singers know how to play instruments so they can compose songs.

What degrees do you need to be a poet?

Techinically you do not need a degree to be a poet. You simply need to write poems. Many famous poets had no degrees.

What is a famous passage in soul surfer?

Tom Hamilton: I don't need easy. I just need possible

Would you write a letter to a famous person in a friendly letter?

No a letter to a famous person would need to be formal to get their attention

Can you give you a copy of famous manuscript speeches?

I need a famous speech manuscript to analyze for speech class and this is actually a hard item to obtain so do you provide a list of famous or not so famous manuscript speeches.

Why did Harry Lipman Famous British Band leader change his name to Harry Roy?

I need to know famous Brtish people

Would Selena make me famous please?

To become famous you need to achieve something for yourself, don't expect others to do things for you.