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What do you need to do to become an photographer?


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Well, you need a camera, and get some schooling so you can be a master in it.


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you need to have schooling to become a photographer because nobody would want to hired you if you dont have no expirence in photography

There are many tasks that must be followed to become a photographer. You need to buy a camera for example.

no you do not need a diploma to become a photographer, you just have to learn how to work the camera and the lights and everything else that is in photography

you need your Photograph Journalist Degree

you need writing, reading, and journalism.

1st become an assistant to a photographer

You will need atleast 40 credits of photography.

It depends on the expertise needed for the job

yes you do need college to become a photographer many years, but that is not a bad thing because its worth it every minute

There are many different paths one may take to become a photographer. You can learn the craft yourself, and attend workshops, or you can attend college.

Type your answer here... you need to go to collage for 90 years befor you can become a photographer lol

without having knowledge of photoshop if someone called himself as the photographer then it will sound a doctor without the stethoscope . I think it's a basic need to being a photographer as when you need to do with a photo then you will need a photoshop to do that.

You need to be persuasive, determined, energetic, kind, and outgoing. These are the MAIN types to becoming a good AND professional photographer.

To become and underwater photographer you need to have many of skills that a photographer has and you need to know how to get precise lighting and understand how far the object is from the camera because its further than it looks , also you need to know how much oxygen and carbon dioxide is needed so you dont hallucinate how to keep water from getting in the camera with 'O' rings.

You do not need to go to school to be a photographer. You just need a lot of talent to be a photographer.

You can major in photography or photojournalism in order to get a degree to become a photographer for a newspaper or magazine, become a freelance photographer, or many other professions in photography, but you can be a freelance photographer if you have a lot of talent and develop your skill without a degree.

You do not necessarily have to be very educated to become a professional photographer. You just have to do good work.

There are many ways one can become a photographer for an advertising agency. To become a photographer for an advertising agency, one must get a degree in photography and then build a portfolio of work.

To be a professional photographer, you do not need to study photography.

You would need to take photography classes or have a natural ability when it comes to taking pictures.

A photographer can get a degree in photography at a liberal arts college in 1-2 years. They can also get a degree online, which may take less time.

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