What do you need to do to let your friend carry a baby for you?

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Make sure your friend is not a very clumsy person then hand the baby over very carefully and tell him not to drop it. Babies are very fragile and should not be handed over for anyone to carry as they can easily be hurt.
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How do you let a friend know you like him?

Answer . \nwell if he is your fried just tell him. its that simple. if he rejects you then you dont have to worry about it any more and just move on.

What do you do when you let a friend down?

About all you can do is apologize and try to make up for it. Don't push her (or him), but be patient and let her absorb your apology. If she doesn't come around and can't let the issue go, then all you can really do is move on.

How do you let go of a friend?

Hang out with other people and sooner or later you'll realise that your better off without that person. otherwise think about he faults of the person who has upset you and try think about how much better off you'll be with other people. if your in a fight hang out with some other people and act ( Full Answer )

When he says I love you but lets be friends?

He enjoys being with you but does not want a commitment. If that is what you want also, it would probably be the best as it will allow you more time to really get to know each other.

Why does my boyfriend let me down and not his friends?

Maybe your boyfriend doesn't realize he's letting you down, ormaybe he doesn't respect you as much as he should. Consider talkingto him about how you're feeling. Communication is vital to anyrelationship.

How do you not let your best friends friend bother you?

Just don't - avoid them if you have to but don't visibly let them see they are bothering you - just ignore them. I realize it may sound easier said then done but stand your ground and don't let anyone walk over you or bring you down - hold your head high and stay happy these people if they are ignor ( Full Answer )

What passage in the Constitution lets Congress expand its powers as needed to carry out its duties?

The "elastic clause" in Article I, section 8, clause 18, is also called the "necessary and proper clause." This means that powers deemed necessary to perform its duties are also powers of Congress. --- "The Congress shall have Power ... To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for c ( Full Answer )

Why do friends you turst let you down?

Friends you trust usually let you down because they would rather have sex with you or see you naked than say go and watch a film where they no it would be torture for them to see other couples snogging and touching each other up, when they can't do that to you. (really next time you arrange to meet ( Full Answer )

Why do friends you trust let you down?

Maybe there not actually your friend. . sometimes they may not know what their doing but do it anyway everyone makes a mistake in life even your best friend

Can you let your friends be better friends than you are?

your friends obviously like you enough to want to treat you really kindly, it would possibly be expected but nevertheless still show great generosity if you were to every now and then return favours and make friendly gestures of your own. you be as good of a friend as you wish to be, and let them b ( Full Answer )

How can you have a baby and not let your parents know?

It's hard and not advised. Though telling them seems like the last possible option, it's not. Telling them may save your life. There are centers around the country called Planned Pregnancy that will help. Free check-ups, free ultrasounds, free adoption services. That and really really really big swe ( Full Answer )

How do you get your mum to let you have a friend sleepover?

I know exactly what your going through, for my 13th b-day i wanted my new friends from college to come to celebrate (4 people) first i was finding just the right time when mum was happy then i did a 5 minute presentation on why i want this sleepover and all the important details, after the meeting m ( Full Answer )

How do you stop your 'friends' from letting you down?

You have to stop letting them do that to you. Why do you let them do it? They are not great friends when this is happening. Talk to them and tell them that you don't appreciate and ask them why it is always happening. If they don't come back with a valid answer or an apology I would review the frien ( Full Answer )

How do you get your mom to let you have a friend over?

just tell your mom or dad that you wont pull any wacky stunts or do anything crazy and if your grounded then either take no for an answer or try to talk them into letting them come over by saying ill study all day for my test or you know what ever your grounded for!!!!if they still say no then pleas ( Full Answer )

When can you let baby chickens with hens?

After the chicks are finished brooding, you should separately pen the chicks within the hen's coop to allow them to familiarize themselves with each other. After two or three weeks, allow them to go together under supervision. Gradually build up the time, until the pecking order is established. Then ( Full Answer )

How do you let a friend know that you like her?

\nJust tell him/her this...\n. \nI love you!!! then makeout with him/her for 5 mins or more\nthen say so?wanna go out? it worked for me and my friend!\n. \nbye!

How do you let your baby turtle trust you?

Baby turtles usually needs a few weeks to get comfortable with a new home. After that, if you can get them to associate you with food, they will trust you and even move in your direction when you enter the room. Don't hold them too much, either.

How do you get your crushes friends to let her go out with you?

A girls friends are very important to her so you are right to wanttheir approval along with hers. you need to talk to them and explain why you want to go out with her. if that doesn't work just ask HER out and you will win her friends approval eventually.

How can you let your baby have a snuggy on babydow?

go to the market buy how ever snuggys you need go to one of ur babys porfile thingy go to her or his room and it should say give and there should be something that says give ur baby a snuggy and click it

If my friend cannot get pregnant and is single can I be artificially inseminated by a donor sperm and let her adopt the baby?

Physically possible, legally awkward. You should discuss the matter with a competent attorney before starting. If you are hesitant about the cost of an attorney then this is not the right time to consider this. Fertility services, prenatal care, contracts and court papers will be a substantial cos ( Full Answer )

How do you let your best friend go?

you dont. just work out the kinks in your relationship and move on. that or tell them to stay the hell away from you.

How let your friend text you?

You have to give them your phone number so they know where to send the messages to and if your having trouble finding the icon that brings you to the message center for your phone they make manuals for every phone so you could refer to that.

How can you convince my dad in 28 days to let you get another guinea pig and by the way its from a friend and its a baby plus its free?

Well first ask your dad why he doesn't want a guinea pig. There must be a reason. And remember, do not beg. Anyways, once you find out the reason, prove to your dad that the reason is wrong e.g if you wanted a kitten and you dad said they were messy, then tell him about litter training and show him ( Full Answer )

Why does God let the devil carry on?

I think all you really need to know is the Devil is an angel. He was created to serve God. God created angels first then God created man in his own image and placed man above angels. Lucifer didnt like this at all. God cast Lucifer out of Heaven and his presence and Lucifer vowed he would prove to G ( Full Answer )

Should you let your cat have babies?

Absolutely not. It is irresponsible not to spay or neuter your cat. Animal shelters are filled with unwanted cats and because of this, millions of cats are euthanized every year. Be a responsible pet owner and get all your animals fixed and don't allow them to have babies.

I am in love with my babys father. We have been friends for a while. He has a girlfriend. They have another child. I have tried to let him go but he wont allow it and it leaves me wondering why?

Your boyfriend is not much of a man and if he was he would stand by you considering you gave birth to his child. He is playing games with you and you need to stand your ground with him and tell him to take charge; try to help the baby's needs or you will get full custody of the baby. If he loved you ( Full Answer )

How do you reply to a 'lets be friends' text?

Depends if you like the person or not, if not, smoothly give them a reason why you cannot be friends. If you are wanting to, just let them be your friend, not really a special way of doing this honestly.

What should you do when your friend let you down?

Answer It happens all the time even though, most of the time, friends don't mean to let you down. You should just try to talk to them and clear any misunderstandings between you. Sometimes, people do not even realize they have let you down and if you don't let them know they have it could happen ag ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when you dream a friend carrying anew baby?

The friend in this dream represents yourself. The new baby mightexpress your (unconscious) yearning for children of your own.Alternatively, the baby might be symbolic, representing some newproject or endeavor that is important to you and, like an infant,needs your constant attention.