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What do you need to get married?

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What do you need do be married in florida?

To be married in Florida, you just need a marry licence.

What do you need to do to be legally married?

Not be married already helps.

What can you do if you need to find out where your wife married another man while you were married?

you need to get rid of your wife

You are a work visa holder you want to get married in a court what documents you need to have with you and If you need an appoiment to get married you want to get married in Kansas or Missouri?

Say what

Do you need to be married and get a license or can you just get married?

you need to get a license issued by the state in order to get married but some states will alow you to be married without a license but most require it in order for the marriage to be official.

Do you need to be married to be president?

There is no requirement to be married to be President of the United States.

Can preteen get married to preteens?

Sorry but No. They need to be much older to get married !

How ca you legalize your null and void marriage?

You cannot "legalize" a null and void marriage. You need to get married "legally".You cannot "legalize" a null and void marriage. You need to get married "legally".You cannot "legalize" a null and void marriage. You need to get married "legally".You cannot "legalize" a null and void marriage. You need to get married "legally".

Im from Chicago do i need a license to get married in Vegas?

To get married in Las Vegas NV, you need to get a license there, not in Chicago IL.

Will you need two marriage licenses if you get married in one state but live in another state?

You need one for the state you are to be married in.

Do you need BOTH a marriage certificate and a marriage license to get married?

If you have been married before you will need your divorce decree and then you will need your marriage license. You will receive a marriage certificate in the mail about 7-14 business days after you are married.

Do you have to file for divorce if you never married?

No?? because you were never married so there is no need for that..

Does ones parents need to be married?


What you need to get married?

true love

Do you need permmision to get married on a Beach?

No you do not.

What you need to married by a notary?


Do you need a divorce or an annulment if the woman that married you were already married but she did not tell you?

you can probably get that annuled, since she married you illegally

What do you need to get married in har vest moon ds island of happiness?

you need to have 10 heats and 1 red heart to get married.

What is the primary emotional need met in a marriage?

I would say companionship. That is an emotional need, right? Although you don't necessarily need to be married to meet this need, and you don't necessarily meet this need even by getting married.

Do you need parent's consent to get married at 17?

In most of the world you need parental permission to get married under the age of majority. Until that age, usually 18, you need their permission.

What do you think about a married men dating adivoced women?

if your married you don't need to be dateing

Do you have to be baptized to get married?

Yes, in most all Christian churches, you need to baptized to get married.

What does one need to do to get married at the court house?

my fiance and i are getting married at the wood county court house and we need a marriage liscense and an id

How can you tell if a married man has?

Has what ? Need more info . ANSWER: She is right, we need more information. Are you wondering if this married man has a mistress or transmitter decease.

Does a 16 yr old who is married still need a parents consent form to travel to Mexico?

No, a married woman does not need parental permission to travel. Once married, they are considered to be an adult and emancipated.