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sulpher,peter salt,and charcoal,you can get peter salt at a pharmacy. heres the formula 2 sulpher 3 peter salt 5 charcoal ex. 2oz. sulpher 3oz. petersalt and 5oz. charcoal

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How do you get gunpowder on xbox 360?

well you can get gunpowder from creepers but YOU need to kill it. if it explodes trying to kill you you wont get gunpowder. you need gunpowder to make TNT's and a potion but i forgot which potion. try it yourself. hope i helped.

How much sand and gunpowder do you need to make tnt on mienecraft?

You need four sand and five gunpowder arranged like this: GSG SGS GSG

How do you make grenades in Minecraft?

You can't make grenades, (without a mod) but you can make TNT. It is crafted like this: Gunpowder Sand Gunpowder Sand Gunpowder Sand Gunpowder Sand Gunpowder

What do you need to make tnt on minecraft?

5 Gunpowder and 4 Sand

How do you make gunpowder on Doodle God 2?

To Make Gun Powder,you need .... Salpetre +Sulfur

Can you make a TNT on Minecraft classic explode?

No but to make tnt you need 4 sand and 1 gunpowder

Is Gunpowder still used to make guns?

Gunpowder NEVER WAS used to make guns.

Why should gunpowder be illegal?

Gunpowder can be used to make a bomb. So unless you are licensed to be in possession of gunpowder, owning gunpowder is illegal.

How many pounds of gunpowder can you make in Indiana?

How ever much you need for a month ahead of time.

How do you make gunpowder on Doodle God?

saltpeter + sulfur = gunpowder. Hope this helps.

How do you make tnt in Minecraft?

You need sand and gunpowder, crafted like this: S G S G S G S G S S = Sand G = Gunpowder

Why do guns need gunpowder?

to fire

How do you make a firework rocket in Minecraft?

You need any firework star, paper and gunpowder to create a firework rocket. To create a firework star you need gunpowder, any dye and an extra ingredient (optional). Arrange these items in a crafting bench

How do you make gunpowder on alchemy game?

Air + Earth = Dust Dust + Fire = Gunpowder

How do you male a bullet on little alchemy?

gunpowder+metal to make gunpowder: fire+dust to make dust: earth+air

Why does people need gunpowder?

It comes in really good use you can make spark candles and fill guns with it you can do lots of things with it

What year did china make gunpowder?

China made Gunpowder in 1000 A.D. They actually made it by accident.

What do you need to make ammo?

In a most basic sense, you need bullets, cartridge cases, gunpowder, and primers. It is also very helpful to have a reloading press and dies to consistently size the brass and seat the cartridges, as well as a scale or other measure for the gunpowder, and tools to prime the cases.

How do you get gunpowder in Minecraft?

(Note: Sulphur was the old name for gunpowder. They have the same properties) In Minecraft, Gunpowder can be obtained by killing creepers and killing ghasts. Some uses for gunpowder in Minecraft is to make TNT, firework stars and fireworks.

How do you make ash on alchemy?

air+soil Dust+fire i know this is how to make gunpowder but this is correct the gunpowder one is wrong believe me i making a video on it soon

How do you make a firework in Minecraft?

To create a firework you first need a firework star which is created using gunpowder and a dye (OPTIONAL: extra materials like diamond, glowstone, lapis etc...) Then you Need paper, the firework star and gunpowder (1-3 depending on power) The firework star is placed on the center top box, the the paper in the direct middle and the gunpowder below it you can put more gunpowder in the bottom row if you want the firework to become more powerful.

How does gunpowder affect your lives?

Well gunpowder is a very harsh chemical so it might get in your head and make you have a brain damage.

How do you make gunpowder in mine craft?

Gunpowder is dropped by creepers if they're killed. Fall damage counts, exploding doesn't.

What salphite is used for?

Used to make gunpowder in the 1800s

How was gunpowder originally used?

They used it to make fireworks