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What do you need to reregister a car?


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2005-09-02 14:49:56
2005-09-02 14:49:56

insurance,proof of sale, address, and MONEY!


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take your title to courthouse and get new tags, here where I live if it's not been expired long they will just reregister it and give you and updates sticker

As long as the car still belongs to someone else, then you do not have to reregister the car in the new state. I have a car with Texas plates, and live in Louisiana, however, the owner of the car still lives in Texas. So when if or when I get pulled over I explain that I am not the owner of the car and I don't have any problems.

Contacty your local police. Local and state laws vary.

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Yes you do, however you will need to reregister in there so that you can get aa new one. Arvest Bank offer the platinum credit card right on their page.

all you need to sell your car is your car title

no, only when u have a car u need insurance.

You typically need a car, or other vehicle, to get car insurance.

You don't need a license to buy a car, but you need a license to drive a car on a public highway.


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It depends.... If you need a phone get a phoneIf you need a car get a carAlso which car are you talking about?

I failed my third time today and they told me that I have to reregister and try again I hope this helps

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not all car washes need insurance

i have just sold my car and need to no if swansy have his details i have just sold my car and need to no if swansy have his details

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If the car is still going to be driven, then yes it does need insurance.

if you have tags ont he car you need to have insurance or you will rack up fines with the mva

I need to know if this car has been in an accident

It varies from car to car, need more info.

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