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What do you need to set up wireless internet for a laptop?

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You just need a wireless card that goes in your laptops pcmia slot. They cost maybe $50, get the 80211.g standard. This will get you on wirless net at wifi spots, like in coffee houses, and if you have a home wireless network hub, which you can buy at any electronics store. Here is more input from FAQ Farmers: * I have mobile broadband, it's a card, but I can get wireless 'net anywhere in US, but it's not free.

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What equipment does one need to setup laptop wireless internet access?

The main equipment you need to set up laptop wireless internet access is a functioning wireless adapter and a router connecting to the internet. You also need to be in signal range of the router.

i have a lap top,and i need to know how to set up for wireless internet, i have time warner acct. for road runner.internet but needs to be set up for my lap top, can you help me get internet for my laptop. need more info e-mail me. thanks?

You will need to get a wireless router in order to set up for a wireless internet.

What hardware do I need to set up wireless internet in my home?

To set up a wireless internet connection, you'll need a high speed modem and a wireless router. Laptop users will need a wireless card to pick up the signal, and desktop users need a PCI card. Check out to buy any of these parts.

Do you need a wireless adapter with wireless internet to set up Xbox live?

No, but you do need high speed internet. You can set up xbox live using a wired connection.

How do you get an wireless internet cinnection?

You will need a wireless router. Ask a professional to set it up for you.

I live north of Rogersville, would like reliable wireless internet for laptop. Need suggestions.?

I would check Comcast, for their rates (501) 375-5755; A wireless network is something you would set up, or have them set up for you!

I want to set up wireless internet.?

You will need to have either a dsl or cable internet connection. Then you will need to purchase a wireless router so the electronics in the your house can get the wireless signal.

How do you set xbox 360 Kinect to wireless internet?

The kinect does not need any internet to get it set up. To connect to wireless on xbox 360 slim. Go to the settings, select network settings, select wireless and scan for wireless internet and connect.

Do you need a wireless router to set up internet on a DSi?

No, it is bilt in.

How do you get wireless internet set up on your desktop?

Well, for starters you will need to get the hardware required to allow you to have wireless. These components are a wireless network interface card and a wireless router. Then you will need to configure those components. After configuring, you need to set up a wireless network.

Will I need internet to set up a laptop?

No, you don't need a internet connection to set up a laptop as long as you have all of your programs that you need to install on removable disk drives like CDs and DVDs. You will need an internet connection to activate and update your installed software.

how do i find prepaid wireless internet for my laptop and how does it work?

You can find prepaid wireless internet at your local Best Buy or Circuit City. They work by plugging in a usb drive with a wireless card into your usb port and you will set it up and after that, it will work.

I just purchased a laptop with a build in wireless card do you need to purchase a high speed internet access?

Your computer must have a network to access if you are going be able to get on the Internet. Internet Service Providers can set you up with an account that will allow you to login at 'hotspots's, such as the coffee shop. IF you want to have access at home, you will have to set up an internet account, and then buy a wireless modem or router to allow you to connect to the internet.

Looking for wireless internet without a house phone and no monthly fees for leasing equipment, can you help?

looking for highspeed internet. fairpoint does not offer on my road. i do have a phone wireless internet service provider in colton s d wireless internet for a wifi capable desk top i have my router, how do i set up wireless on my laptop

USB Wireless Internet?

form_title= USB Wireless Internet form_header= Use a wireless adapter to connect to the internet anywhere! Do you have a wireless card built in*= () Yes () No Will you be traveling?*= () Yes () No Do you need to set up multiple computers?*= () Yes () No

What is needed to set up a wireless system for a laptop for my daughter?

Going on the assumption that you have some kind of High Speed Internet connection you will need a wireless router and a wireless Network Interface Card (NIC). You would plug the router into the high speed modem and then connect wirelessly to the router from the laptop. You'll need to also setup some security for the wireless network, but that's a whole nother can of worms.

Do you need a wireless router to use a wireless printer with your PC?

If you do not need access to internet, no you do not need that. You have to set up IP addresses manually, then you will be able to use your printer.

If a laptop has a wireless connection does that mean that you don't need a password to get on the internet?

Just because you have a wireless connection, doesn't mean you won't need a password. If the connection you are seeking is secured, then you will need one. About 80% of the connection points that I have ever seen are secured. To edit your contact youir system administrator to get the password to your internet connection or look up your routers website and find how to set a different wireless password.

What are the options for wireless Internet on a laptop?

a/b/g/n wireless. You can get a service like Clear or a cellular 3G or 4G card. Or you can go to a coffee shop and connect to Wifi, or you can set up a wireless connection at home with a wireless router.

How do you set up a wireless connection on a PS3?

you need to set up your wireless router with your internet connection to your computer, and then search for an access point on the ps3 under internet setting, under set up connection, then just follow the instructions from there

How do you connect to the internet with a laptop if you have a router?

Your router should have a wireless network. Read the manual for how to enable it and set up a key, then connect to it with your laptop. Or just use a cable like with a desktop.

What do I need to set up a home wifi wireless internet network?

Setting up a home wireless network is easy. You will need a wireless router and a modem and you are good to go. You will definitely need to purchase the wireless router, but you an rent a modem through your internet service provider for a little as $3 a month.

How does wireless work on your computers?

Its a way to wirelessly use the internet, Basically the technology Sends and receives internet data given you have a wireless router or wireless Modem set up correctly, It eliminates the need for th CAT6 or Internet cable to be plugged into the device.

How do you set up wireless broadband Internet access in the home?

When you get broadband cable or dsl you should be set up with a modem connected to your computer with an ethernet cable (similar to a phone cable). To make this wireless you need a wireless router (this connects the modem to the computers) and wireless cards (there are different kinds for desktops or laptops) for each wireless desktop or laptop. This link will provide you with greater detail

Is there a software program that will tell who is using my wireless internet?

You don't need software to find out who's using your wireless internet. If you look at your network it will tell you the IP address and the name they use. You can and should set a password on your wireless internet so no one else can use it.

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