What do you pull out of grenades?

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The little tag. It's like in an electronic toy that has a tag that says pull to activate.
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What is a grenade?

A grenade is a small bomb with a metal casing around an explosive charge, when it blows, the casing splits into many pieces and flies violently apart. Some small grenades can

What is grenade?

A thrown hand held explosive device that usally explodes five seconds after the pin is pulled out

How do you get grenade?

. you can get pretty much any thing in America if you have the money heres how to get a grenade Go to Sturmgewiers NFA Board and put a want to buy! WTB, but don't do it unle

When are grenades used?

Grenades are used when you know where the enemy is but they don't know where you are so they make the perfect surprise.

What in the world is a grenade?

Noun: . A small bomb or explosive missile that is detonated by a fuse and thrown by hand or shot from a rifle or launcher. . A glass container filled with a chemical such a

Does a grenade whistle when you pull the pin?

I never had that happen. Pulling the pin does nothing other than letting the firing lever pop out as soon as you throw the grenade. On the other hand, there are practice gr

Why do grenades explode when you pull the pin?

They DON'T explode when you pull the pin. There are three safeties on a grenade: the safety clip, the pin and the handle. The pin is the second safety you release. When all t

Why is Bruno Mars pulling a piano in the music video for grenade?

There are two possibilities: One, that he has completed a demonstration of his devotion to his girlfriend by pulling the piano to her house. The rejection of this favor by
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What is grenade about?

The song,"Grenade" by Bruno Mars is about an unfaithful girlfriend/boyfriend. I don't know if it was based on an actual person or not, but one would do anything for the other,
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What can a grenade do to you?

Depending on the distance between you and the exploding grenade,the effects range from very little to devastatingly lethal. Thereis a pressure wave that can cause injury and d