What do you put in your diary?

I personally keep a diary, numerous ones I have kept in the past and the best way to keep a diary runnning is to give it a name as this will help you relate to your diary and help you feel as if it is a person, your best friend who never tells your secrets.

You should start of with a basic factfile about yourself : Your name (naturally) your age, your family etc.

You should slowly introduce names to your diary so it doesn't get confusing later on.

When writing your diary you should write down EVERYTHING you did so you have a clear picture of what you did. Include:

~What you did

~How you felt

~Who you were with

~What were your feelings

Try include photos, letter, stickers and drawings as these will make your diary more vivid.

And after the beginning of writing your diary is done you simply write what you did as in the example below. (An extract from my own diary but nothing juicy)

15th of August 2011

Dearest Starra,

I woke up this morning around ten. Normally I would just close my eyes and go back to sleep. But Matthew and Jessica were been very noisy and I just couldn't concentrate on what I was doing. Mainly dreaming.


I finished my jobs or at least I thought I had. But the bags, hats and scarves weren't quite up to Mums standard so I have to redo them tommorow. Another great way to spend my day.

You know I am really looking forward to going back to school. I want to show the more mature and sophisticated side of me.

Yours truly,