What do you put in your most precious book For example-my book has information about people tongue twisters lyrics and pictures.. what else is there to put please help me?

I do not know to what extent my memory is typical, but the strongest links I have to past events worth remembering/scrapbooking involve smells. Setting aside some gross examples, a reasonable scrapbooking item, for me at least, might be to scrapbook an autumn leaf. The smell of leaves piled up in the park I used to walk through on my way to and from elementary school as each school year began brings back lots of happy memories. Maybe a flower petal from a spring birthday celebration; a teabag from a trip to England, ... Hi Some of the things I have used in remembering my past are as simple as recipes along side a picture of my aunt who always made "the Lazy Dazy cake" for every family get together and the fruit cake and mother in law's casserole. I have also given them (this works especially well with the men in our family) a piece of paper to write down something they think every body should get to remember. Then if the writing is large as is sometimes the case as we age so we can see better, I reduce it on a photo copier and use it as their journaling on their page. I am one who also absolutely loves "lumpy scrapbooks" so I have purchased the little recording buttons and capture their voice in a song or baby's first word, every one in our family plays them over and over when we get together at holidays.