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* I have that problem. I'm bigger now, but before I had my kids, I weighed 130 lbs and my legs were huge. Why? If I think about it, I used to boogie-board a lot!! 12 hours a day as often as I could. And now my leg shape has never changed. I'd like to lose it too!!

Another example is my aunt, who used to paddle canoe. Well, she for one has smaller breasts that don't fit her body type. And her arms are huge!! Especially now that she is bigger. I think it has to do with what she used to do as an active teen. * This could be caused by excessive running or any exercise that works out the thighs and legs. Or it might be the certain fats that go directly to the thighs, in the same way that certain fats go to the buttocks and the belly.

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Q: What do you put on weight in your thighs?
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Can you lose weight in your thighs by water?

Yes, you can lose weight in your thighs by losing water, which includes taking diuretic pills. You can also lose weight in your thighs by swimming in the water and exercising.

Why do cats put their paws on your thighs?

when they put thier paws on your thighs they will usually put their head on on your thighs to and most of the time it sometimes means their tired[SOMETIMES]

Why does Lisa robertson have such huge thighs?

She happens to be someone who carries her weight in her midsection and thighs.

How to know if I have thunder thighs?

If you have thunder thighs, you may be a bit thicker in the thigh area. You may not be proportionate for your weight or you may be a bit overweight and carry some of the extra weight in your thighs.

Is it possible to lose weight from your stomach and not your thighs?


How do you gain weight in thighs?

You gain weight on your thighs because whenever you grow up you gain fat on your thighs,and another way is because you don't exercise like you don't run or walk alot

How do you lose weight in thighs but not gain muscle?

Cardio the best option, in cardio especially lungs and hamstring work well to lose weight in thighs.

How do you whiten discoloration between thighs?

Try losing weight, so your thighs don't rub together. ;)

Can you lose weight on your thighs by running?

Yes, but if you run you will loose weight everywhere.

How do you get rid of huge thighs?

lose some weight...

How can your thighs lose weight?

by exersizing them, or exersizing them more

How do you get smaller thighs fast?

Lose weight, amputate!

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