What do you replace on a Chevy Blazer when the check engine light code found was Secondary Air Injection System?

This is a pump that sits underneath your front bumper on the passenger side. It is about the size of a baseball and has two hoses going into it. I would suggest you replace it yourself as it would cost you about $360.00 if you were to go through the dealer. If you would like pics. of it you can feel free to e-mail me at uscg6060@juno.com I am going to be going to the dealer to see if there is some kind of re-call on these pumps seeing as how I am about to go on my fourth one and my truck is only a 2000 S-10 you out some.



Water intrusion is what will typically kill these electric pumps. There is a Technical service bulletin (#04-06-04-015) Regarding this problem, according to the tsb, you will need a new pump and there is a hose assy. #12590627) that has you reroute the pump from future water intrusion or it is gaurenteed to fail again.

I found this air pump and hose kit on Ebay.I did a search for S10 air pump.Great price on the new pump and they will ship the hose kit if you want order it.Fast shipping also.Total price for both pump and hose kit considerably less than a dealer. Although I have had water in the pump I did not see any indication of the inlet hose as the cause. It was suggested that the one way metal check valves ($15.00) that mount to the rt & lt exhaust manifold are worn and allow water from the exhaust to get sucked back into the pump. I first replaced the pump and within a week of dry weather driving the light came back on. I checked the pump and it was again full of water. I just replaced the valves which had deteriorated on the inside. So hopefully this will eliminate the problem. Note - The valves are impossible to remove without removing the 1/2 tubes (held on with 2 nuts) they are attached to the manifold with. The valve threads sieze to the tube thread and had to be clamped in a vise to remove - I actually had to hacksaw the valve section to get it off the pipe. Careful as not to damage the threads. Good Luck Vitaman


Thanks this is very helpful, just thought I might add something. I have had the same problem with water in the air pump on my 2000 Chevrolet Blazer 4.3 L V6. I went on eBay and searched for the pump like you had recommended and I found a pump for sale by seller:autopartsdirect2you ,any way the lifetime warranty offered by these guys is great. The problem is with water gettin ginto the air pumps, and the warranty covers it. Just thought I'd add that. I think a good warranty with this in particualr is very important