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What do you say when interviewing for a supervisor position?

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You should say things that will make it clear you will be a good supervisor. :-) Seriously, you will need to show the interviewer than you understand the company, the industry, and what the job requires; that you are able to manage employees; that you can handle the administrative or operational tasks that will be required; that you are mature enough to shoulder the important responsibilities, etc.

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The coding supervisor is interviewing candidates for a new outpatient coding position which of the following will assist the coding supervisor in this process?

job description

What do you say in an interview hen asked why are you an ideal candidate for this position?

You tell the person interviewing you your strengths and how they apply to the position.

What is the higher position - foreman or supervisor?

A supervisor has a higher position, although foreman is a first-line supervisory position.

What is a sentence for the word supervisor?

My supervisor checked my work. I reported to a supervisor.

Why are you interested in this position warehouse supervisor?

AS you are applying for the position, not me, only you can answer this.

Do you get money for being a WikiAnswers Supervisor?

No, you don't. Being a Supervisor is a volunteer position.

Which is the high ranking job position Coordinator or Supervisor?

If within the same organization, typically Supervisor is a higher ranking position than Coordinator.

How do you say supervisor in French?

supervisor→ superviseur, surveillant...

What is the role of a town supervisor?

Town Supervisor is an elective legislative position in New York Towns.

What do you know about the position of Warehouse supervisor?

A warehouse supervisor leads a team of workers who are in charge of the inventory.

Sample of letter of intent to apply for a supervisor position?

In a letter of intent to apply for a supervisor position, you will want to explain your qualifications. Also explain how you will help the business positively.

Where you see yourself after five years?

This question should be answered as honestly as possible as it relates to the business you are interviewing for. Typically, employers want to see people who are motivated, so if you are interviewing for a sales position, a good answer would be, "I would like to move into a sales management position". Or if you are in a technical field, you could say, as I do "I would like to stay technical", or move into R&D.

Describe your ideal next position?

If you are interviewing for a new job, you need to envision yourself in that position. Employers want to know that you are excited about the position and will be invested in working for the company.

Which is higher position supervisor or a manager?

Manager. The supervisor just makes sure that the staff is completing the tasks that the manager set for them.

Why are you interested in this supervisor position?

You could say you are a detail oriented person who likes to manage people. You could also say you have always wanted to work at this company you are applying to and it has good growth potential.

What you can say supervisor in Malayalam?


How do you say supervisor in Spanish?

Its the same

If you were interviewing someone for this position what traits would you look for?

Laziness Lateness Lying Stealing Poor attendance

Is interviewing a gerund?


How do you nominate Supervisors for PA on WikiAnswers?

You can not nominate a supervisor for the position of a Premier Answerer because you can't be a PA and a supervisor at the same time. Supervisors are only able to nominate regular users for either the position of a PA or supervisor. PAs do not get any additional tools like a supervisor does and it is just a badge to show that you have made a lot of great answers to the site.

When interviewing for a retail position how do you answer 'What three important things do you have to say when dealing with a customer'?

- Hello (said with a smile) - How may I help you? (said with a smile) - Thank you, come again (said with a smile) ~ T

How do you thank your manager for interviewing you?

Nothing special is required. Just say thank you.

How do you say supervisor in french and to the feminine?


What position did Walter Dean Myers retain with Bobbs Merrill publishing?

he was a supervisor

What if your supervisor has decided to have you backfill a forklift position at?

You would need to notify your supervisor if you do not have the necessary qualifications to operate the forklift, and be mindful of the rights you have under OSHA.