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If you do love him say I love you too

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Q: What do you say when your boyfriend tells you he loves you a lot?
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What to do when your boyfriend tells you he loves you?

Say "i love you too"

What do you do when your boyfriend tells you he loves you?

if you love him say i love you 2, but if you dont love him say that your not ready for that..

What does it mean when a boyfriend tells you he really likes you?

that he wants to say he loves you, but hes afraid to say it to you.

What do i say if my boyfriend tells me he doesnt know why he loves me?

ask him to list reasons why he is with you and cares for you

What do you do if your boyfriend tells you he loves you?

if you love him back then say it back. but if not just give him a kiss that last at least for 20 seconds.

Is it okay for your 12 year old boyfriend to say he loves you?

Yes, it is perfectly fine for your twelve year old boyfriend to say he loves you.

How do you get a your boyfriend to say he loves you?

be patient he will if he truly loves you it just has to be at the right moment

What does it means when your boyfriend always say he loves me?

He loves you...It seems clear as day to me.

What can I say to my boyfriend to find out if he loves me or not?

Make him a sammich

What if you and your boyfriend have been together for a year and 3 months and he tells you he loves you but is not in love with you yet what does it mean?

It means he cares for you and loves you as you love a friend. He may also have romantic feelings for you but they must not be that strong or else hed say he loves you

What should you say to your boyfriend whenever he says he loves you with all of his heart?

If you believe your boyfriend loves you with all of his heart and he has been good towards you then say what is in your heart.

What if a boy tells you he likes you but then says he loves another girl what do i do?

When did he say these things? and are you guys dating? My opinion is that if he loves another girl, forget him. It's not fair to have a boyfriend who's "cheating" on you, even if you know he is.

What do you do when your girlfriend tells you for the first time that she loves you?

Well I think that if your girlfriend tells you that she loves you and you are not ready then don't say it because your going to regret it and if you really do love her then say it ...

How do you respond to your boyfriend when he tells you he loves you for the first time?

if you love him, say same to him. HONEY you are lucky that he is saying it to u my boyfriend wont even say it to me! just say i love u too, but after i love u too put his name GOOD LUCK! :)

How can you tell if your boyfriend really love you?

If he tells you that he loves you and if he doesn't then he's not ready for that, just give him some time and he will say it pretty soon. Good luck! :)

What if the guy you like tells you he loves you?

just say i love you to.

What are the best thing to say for a boyfriend?

I LOVE YOU is probably the best thing to say to your boyfriend. Every boyfriend cherishes the fact that his girlfriend loves him.

How do you say Matt loves Rachel a lot?

like this - Matt loves rachel a lot. there you go :)

What if your boyfriend won't say he loves you?

It depends no what your definition of 'bf' is. 'Bf' could be best friend or boyfriend. If it is your best friend, then its because he doesn't really love you. If its your boyfriend, then he's not really your boyfriend, is he? If your boyfriend doesn't say he loves you or even admits to it, he's not really your boyfriend.

How a girl wants her boyfriend?

A girl wants a boyfriend to say he loves her by the way he treats her, in private and in public. A boyfriend who tells her by his actions more than his words. A boyfriend who shows her respect when with friends or family, in the presence of strangers, and especially when they're alone when no one else is watching. She will know that he loves her because he makes her feel good about herself.

I love my boyfriend but i feel like he doesnt love me back how do i know if my boyfriend still loves me?

Say to him that you love him and wait for him to say it back. You'll feel it when he loves you back.

Your boyfriend wont say he loves you but he do all he can do for you he just wont say it?

you say it. Don't be shy!

Why wont your boyfriend tell you he loves you?

He doesnt say he loves you because, he isn't ready to tell you or he might think its to fast or early to say in the relationship that he loves you.

What to do when you still love your ex girlfriend and she says she loves you but she also has a boyfriend she loves to?

say how much you love her

What do you do if your boyfriend says he loves you?

What I would do is say, "I love you too.." and then kiss him.