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First I want to know whether it's boy friend or best friend. If it's your boy friend, then it's personal.

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How to make your bf text u more?

To get your boyfriend to text you more you will have to text him first, he might not be good at it.

What to text about with your bf?

you should ask him how his day is or ask him whats up how hes doing and all that. simple as that

What are some flirty forward text messages?

your eyes shine like the night skyyy i luv you is what i used for my bf

What should you do to forget your bf?

Don't text him or talk to him and try like someone else... eventually you will stop thinking about him :)

What does it mean if your boyfriend texts everyday?

My old bf used to text me 300-500 per day. He loves you.

How can you make your boyfriend mad in a text?

say ur bf name is austin text him: Hey Mark i love u and miss u r we still going to the movies this weekend?

How can you know that a person is in love with his text mate?

you can usually tell when they keep joking around, or flirting with you, that's how i met my bf.

What does it mean if you have a BF and they leave town and wont answer your calls or text?

umm they probally dont like you and not to be mean but mabye its time to move on???

What does the acronym BF mean in BF Falcon?

There is no meaning for "BF" in BF Falcon. The BF Falcon is a model of car produced by the Ford Motor Company. The Ford BF Falcon is a full-size car released in October 2006.

How long should you wait to text a bf back?

Well, you should give it a bit of time as you don't want to text back straight away, as he might think you are too desperate, but you shouldn't keep him waiting too long!

You texted your bf soon 2 b married a text from someone eles phone to c if he would tell you if he doesnt what should you do?

i think text him and seee if he tells the truth to someone he doesnt kow than rather telling you

Is mohit sehgal and sanaya irani are girlfriend -bf?

yes they are gf and bf. but they were hiding it ...

What does BF mean?

a one who is our soul................................................................... BOYFRIEND

What does the abbreviation BF mean?

In the legal sense, B.F. means bonum factum, means approved or correct form.and in text talk, it stands for best friend...

What is Lauren conrad cell number?

5309217291:) if her bf answers ask to talk to her.....or just restrict or text:) Lauren might not be able to respond but you can resend your texts

Flute national anthem notes?

F D Bflat D F Bflat D C Bflat D E F (going up the scale) F F D C Bflat A G A Bf Bf F D Bf (repeat from top) D D D Ef F F Ef D C D Ef Ef Ef D C Bf A G A Bf D E F F Bf Bf Bf A G G G C Ef D C Bf Bf A FF Bf C D Ef F Bf C D Ef C Bf

Who will be katara's BF?

Katara's bf will be Aang <3

What does 'Bf' mean?

well i think BF means boyfriend and BFF means best friend forever

Should you say sorry to your bf?

if by bf you mean boyfriend then yes!

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