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A hyper cane is more like a hurricane mixed with a tornado. the winds can reach up to 230mph or as low as 150mph.

Hypercanes exist in theory, basically resulting from ocean temperatures in excess of 120 Fahrenheit. Ocean temperatures could conceivably rise to this level from a meteor impact, comet, asteroid, supervolcanic or large volcanic eruption, or severe climate change. It's theorized that the extinction of the dinosaurs was due in part to hypercanes on a global scale resulting from asteroidal impact, and the remaining ones died from the severe cooling of the climate due to all of the water vapor blocking out the sun.

Hypercanes have been estimated to be 20 miles in height and anywhere from 10 miles across to *gasp* covering the entire western half of the United States, with wind speeds in excess of 500 MPH. At that rate, it would blow a hole through the stratosphere and more likely than not cause an extinction level event. At any rate one occurring today would cause the massive loss of human life, if not extinguish human beings altogether. Those surviving would be severely hard pressed to exist day to day.

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